When did you last clean up your Twitter account?

Clean up your Twitter accounts

Every once in a while I will spring clean my Twitter accounts to make sure that I am getting the most value from my time on Twitter.

Here is my 4 step process for giving a Twitter spring clean:

1. Follow People

Firstly follow more people! A percentage of the people you follow will follow you back. So it would make sense to follow the people you would like to connect with – your potential customers, industry publications and industry experts.

Follow all the interesting people that you want to be connected with further. Be a detective and follow groups of people who have the same interests of follow certain people. I will follow 10-30 interesting people at a time which generally starts many new conversations.

2. Unfollow People

With Twitter there are follow limits to stop robot spammers following indiscriminately. The numbers are not published but there seems to be a 10% grace over 2000… i.e. if you have 2000 followers you can follow up to 2200 people – no more.

If you follow people and they don’t follow you back then the conversation is one sided. This may be fine for experts in your field who may post great things you are interested in. But many people will not fit that category, so if they are not posting scintillating tweets, unfollow them and follow someone else who is.

Likewise it is estimated that 50-70% of accounts lie dormant. There is no point following someone who has not posted for a year, so unfollow them and follow someone you can converse with.

There are plenty of free Twitter unfollow tools my favourite at the moment is ManageFlitter which has a lovely interface and lets you unfollow a limited amount of people each day with the free version.

With the tool I see all the people who appear to have SPAM accounts and unfollow them. Then I unfollow those who have not posted in a certain time frame (like 6 months).

I will also go through those who I may have followed years ago who never followed me back. In those cases if their tweets have not been of value then I will unfollow them.

By unfollowing people you will free up space to follow more people in step 1.

3. Interact!

So you are following plenty of interesting new people, now it is time to interact!

Check out their websites, respond to their tweets, start a conversation. Be interested and interesting just as you would if you were having coffee. This is a great chance to see what common ground you have, have a laugh, and build alliances. These are the people you are now networking with, so make an effort.

4. Automate tweets of your awesome content

You can’t be on Twitter all day every day, but your content can. There are tools that will help you automate posting to Twitter which can complement your live interactions. Our favourite automation tool is TweetAdder which allows you to input a whole list of tweets to your still-useful past content.

Set up your TweetAdder account to tweet links to your valuable content 2-4 times a day, and this will mean that your account still has action and usefulness, even when you are not there.

So there you have 4 tips for a Twitter spring clean! When was the last time you cleaned up your accounts?

Note: If you have one of the 50-70% of inactive accounts, it’s time to get back on the horse. For tips and inspiration for Twitter for marketing buy the Twitter for Business eBook.