Your Facebook for business questions answered

We have been getting a lot of Facebook questions lately, so I thought I would take a moment to answer some of the more common one’s for you.

How do I interact from my Page?

Your page is your profile for your business. An option now available is to use Facebook as (your page) which you will find in the right side column of your page profile.

What this means is that you can now visit, comment and participate on other pages with your company face on instead of your personal face (you can’t however visit personal pages or groups). Once you are done, go back to your profile page and click to use Facebook as yourself.

How to I tag other people in my posts?

If you mention a person or company in a post, type an @ sign prior to their name i.e. @Grassroots Internet Strategy

Your post will show up on their wall as well as on your own and people are alerted to the fact that you are mentioning them and can join in the conversation.

What happened to groups?

Although Facebook may think they have revolutionised the groups feature, it is so different to the original features that it has made many groups I am involved with redundant. This is a big slap in the face when you have been carefully nurturing a group over a couple of years.

If your group was developed prior to October 2010 then you have the option to upgrade or keep the old version. There are some clever new features like group email and group chat but for any business related groups it all seems a little too intrusive. They have also removed discussions, which was a useful groups feature.

I have noticed that many of the available video tutorials from October are out-dated, so it looks like Facebook is still working on getting the features right.

How do I get my blogs to update my page?

If you want your blogs to automatically show on your Facebook wall, you can do this using the Notes app in Facebook (Edit Page – Apps – Notes – Go to Application). Once you are in Notes look for Edit Import Settings in the side column which is where you can add your URL or feed URL.

How do I customise my page? What size are the banner images?

On your Facebook Page there are several areas that you can customise. The first to look at are your main profile image and your banner images. The banner images are the five small images that feature across the top of your page above your wall. As yet I have not found a way to keep your banner images in a particular order, so design them as a set that works in any order.

The profile images are 97 px wide x 68 px high. Pay Flynn from Smart Passive Income has written a great blog about customising your side column and profiles and includes a handy template if you have PhotoShop.

Should I connect my Facebook to my Twitter to automatically update?

It is possible to have your Facebook posts automatically post in Twitter and vice versa, but I think it leaves a lot to be desired. How you behave in Twitter and Facebook should be quite different as people interact differently in each network.

You may save time posting, but you may lose the benefits of having the network in the first place.

I suggest not to lump Twitter and Facebook together, spend some time developing each network individually, you will have different kinds of interaction, attract different people and get different results from each.

I hope this has been useful! If you have any more questions, post them on our Facebook wall or in the comments below.

Happy Hunting!

Serena Star Leonard