15 Step Web Copy Check: Improve your Copy, Improve your Web Results

web copy checklistThe words you use on your website, and how you lay them out, make a big difference to how well your website performs; particularly in terms of appearing in search engine results, how long your visitors spend reading your website and the results you ultimately achieve.

Well-written web copy is clear, concise and coherent.

Review your website using this 15 Step Web Copy Check and find out if your copy needs improving.

1. Skimm-ability – Is the copy easy to skim read?

2. Headings and Subheadings – Have you used headings and subheadings to highlight key topics?

3. Formatting – Have you used bold, italics and bullet points to break up blocks of text?

4. Friendly style – Is the copy written in a friendly, informal style, similar to how you would speak?

5. It’s all about you! – Have you made what you are writing about personal for your readers, by using “you” and “your” rather than “I’ or “people”.

6. Sentence length – Are you using varied sentence length and avoiding overly long sentences?

7. Active voice – Always use active voice rather than passive

8. Simple words – Have you said what you mean using the simplest words possible?

9. No un-necessary words – Have a fresh read through and see if you can delete any words that aren’t absolutely necessary

10. Keywords – Have you researched and selected keywordsto use in each page of copy, particularly in the Page Titles (Title Tag), Meta Description, Headings, URLs and Link Text?

11. Embedded links – Have you included links to other pages of your website to keep people reading?

12. Link text – Did you choose your link text carefully, so that your keywords are included?

13. Call To Action – Have you identified the main action that you want people to take on each page, and made it clear and prominent?

14. Offer – Where appropriate, have you included a time based offer, to motivate your website visitors to act quickly?

15. Key messages Above The Fold – The fold is the imaginary line at the bottom of your internet browser.  Information that you need to scroll down to see is Below The Fold.  Your key messages and Call To Action should be included Above The Fold.

How does your web copy measure up?

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Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net