3 Occasions when Google AdWords can really get your online party started


With Google AdWords you can stop and start your ads whenever you like. You can control the maximum amount that you spend per day. And, if you want to, you can run an ad campaign for a short period of time.

Read on to discover three occasions when running an AdWords campaign can really make a difference to your online success.

But first, let’s back the truck up the driveway for a second and start with what Google AdWords is (if you’re already familiar with AdWords, feel free to skip the next section).

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is Google’s paid search engine marketing program.

Once you’ve set up an ad campaign, your ads can appear on the Google search engine results page when people search for your selected keywords. You don’t pay any money for your ads to appear, instead you pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

Ads appear at the top on the left and also down the right hand side
Ads appear at the top on the left and also down the right hand side of the Google search engine results page

When it’s competitive to rank on page one of Google in the free, organic search results, Google AdWords can be an effective way to generate targeted traffic to your website with aim of generating more leads or sales.

With AdWords, the outcomes are easy to track and measure. You can find out exactly how much it costs you every time someone clicks on your ad, and if you have Conversion Tracking set up, how much it costs you per lead or sale.

Here are 3 occasions when Google AdWords can really get your online party started

1. Your website is new

When you have a new website at a new domain and you flip the switch for your website to go live, like a lot of people you’ll probably expect that it will automatically show up in Google.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

I’ve seen it take up to eight weeks for a new website to get indexed for the first time and start showing up in the organic search results.

Tip: To find out if a new website has been indexed, search for something specific to the website. Perhaps the business name, or some relatively unique words that appear on the home page. If the website doesn’t appear near the top of the results, it’s likely that it hasn’t been indexed yet.

So where does this leave you once you’ve told all your clients, friends and family about the new website that you’re excited about?

Basically they will only be able to find your website by clicking on the URL link*, or by typing your URL directly into an internet browser. But if they don’t know the URL, they won’t be able to find your website via a search engines until it has been indexed for the first time.

*The URL link is your website’s address, for example our link is www.grassrootsinternetstrategy.com.au

Google AdWords can help your website appear in the ads section of the Google search results.

When your website is new, consider running an AdWords campaign based on keywords related to your business name. Then, although your website isn’t appearing in the organic results, an ad promoting it can still appear at the top of the search results on the left hand side, or in the right hand column.

Once your website has been indexed  by Google and you’re happy with how it is appearing in the organic results, you can stop the ad campaign. Or, you can start another campaign focused on your important keywords.

2. You’re running a special promotion

Whether or not your website is appearing in Google’s organic search results, if you’re running a special offer, Google AdWords can really help to ramp up the visibility of your promotion.

If your AdWords campaign is set up well, it’s possible to customise your ads so that:

  • Your ad appears at the top of the results on the left hand side, just above the organic results
  • You can customise exactly what text appears in your ad to promote your offer
  • You can choose which keywords you want your ad to appear for
  • You can choose the page that people are directed to once they click on your ads.
  • You can set up Conversion Tracking to find out how much it costs you to get someone to take up your offer after clicking on your ad.
A special offer from a personal training studio
A special offer from a personal training studio

Let’s drill in further on the benefits of using Google AdWords to promote your special offer.

You can start and stop the ads as needed, to coincide with the time frame of your promotion.

You want people to see specific information about your offer. With AdWords, you can write the ad text to say exactly what you want (provided you comply with Google’s policies!). It’s also possible to run different versions of your ad copy, so you can test which version of your advertising message wins the most clicks.

You select the keywords that trigger your ad to appear so your ads will be shown only to people specifically searching for your product or service.

With AdWords, you direct the ad to whatever destination URL you like. So you can direct people straight to the page that has details about the offer.

And finally, as with all marketing campaigns, you want to know whether or not the money you’re spending on advertising is paying off. AdWords Conversion Tracking lets you see the cost per lead or order.

3. You want to undertake Search Engine Optimisation to get your website to appear in the organic search results, but you’re not sure which keywords to target

The ability to do real time keyword research using Google AdWords is one of my favourite things!

In terms of keyword search volumes, at best the Google Keyword Tool (which I love, don’t get me wrong!) provides monthly keyword search volumes for all searches in the country that you select, for example Australia.

But where does that leave you if  you’re only targeting a city, like Melbourne, or a local geographic area, like 50 kms around Traralgon in Victoria?

You can guess-timate the search volume based on the population of the area you’re targeting. For example if there are 24 million people in Australia and Melbourne has 4 million then you can guess-timate that the searches in Melbourne will be four twenty fourths of the total.

But how do you know for sure?

Google AdWords can help you find out.

Set up a Campaign that only includes your target geographic area and set up Ad Groups that include all your target keywords.

Run the campaign for a few weeks (or maybe months, depending upon the search volumes for your selected keywords) and you’ll have an indication of the actual number of searches for your chosen keywords in your target area. To get accurate results you’ll need to set a daily budget big enough to allow your ads to appear every time someone searches for your keywords.

Plus, if you have Conversion Tracking set up, you’ll find out what a conversion costs for each keyword. You’ll be able to give that information to your SEO company to help them figure out which keywords are most valuable to target for organic search.

Get your Campaigns set up right, right from the start

Need help setting up a Google AdWords campaign that gets your online party started?

Please drop me an email. I’m a Google Certified Partner and I have experience working with hundreds of AdWords campaigns for all different types of businesses and industries. Plus I love helping people make the most of their Google AdWords spend.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net