Is guest blogging the long lost cousin you should forget?

Guest blog to attract ideal audience subscribersRemember that cousin? The daggy one you used to hang out with on family occasions when great-grandma would pinch your cheek commenting how much you’d grown, all while you were lined up for the compulsory annual photos.

Or perhaps you were the daggy one who worshipped your older cousin who rode motorbikes and knew how to drive a manual car. The cousin you desperately wanted to be like.

You probably haven’t seen that cousin for 10 years or more. Does that make you feel old? Really, is it worth remembering them or just leave the past where it belongs?

Guest blogging can seem like the long lost cousin of list building. Sure, five years ago it was a trendy option. You wanted to hang out back then but now? Well many of you wouldn’t be caught dead guest blogging.

There are new kids on the block. First it was telesummits, followed by webinars and most recently Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads….talk about smokin’ hot! Phew!

Pay a few dollars, put in a few brief details and watch the subscribers pour in. It’s that easy, or at least it might be after experimenting with several hundred or thousand dollars.

When there are so many other options to build your list why should you consider an old faithful strategy like guest blogging?

Guest Blogging Is A Cash Free Strategy

You will have to invest a little time to pitch your potential host, write your post and promote it but unless you are outsourcing content creation guest blogging is a free list building strategy. This is perfect if you are time rich but cash poor.

Guest Blogging Targets Your Ideal Audience

Targeting your ideal audience and inviting them to subscribe to your mailing list is often hit and miss. A percentage of your reach will be ideal but what about everyone else? You’ve invested time and effort on the wrong people.

Guest blogging allows you to specifically target your ideal audience via posting on peer websites or those in complimentary niches. Your industry knowledge will help you to narrow down which websites are most likely to result in an influx of ideal audience subscribers.

Guest Blogging Offers Long Term ROI

Imagine you’ve created a week long Facebook Ad campaign to promote your opt in incentive. How long does the campaign continue to attract new subscribers for? A month longer? A week longer? More likely a day if you’re lucky.

The beauty of guest blogging is that once a post is published it has the potential to attract new subscribers for years, especially if it is search engine optimised. You need to make the link back to your site ‘No Follow’ so Google doesn’t punish you but if the post is well optimised it can attract significant search traffic that is then exposed to your call-to-action. The greater the exposure for your call-to-action, the more subscribers you are likely to convert.

Up Your Guest Blogging Ante

Now you know guest blogging is a long lost cousin worthy of re-connecting with the steps you should take are:

1. Identity your ideal audience and which websites they spend time on.

2. Create an attractive opt in incentive you can link to within the post and your bio.

3. Listen to the ‘Making $$$ Guest Blogging’ teleclass.

4. Send a pitch to your potential host.

5. Once published and promoted let me know your results.