How Pinterest Helps You Brand Your Blog

Blogging For Growth Tour Brand Your Blog Via PinterestExperts will tell you that your brand is how consumers perceive you or your blog. They will say you cannot control your brand and to an extent that is true. You can however try to influence how you and your brand are perceived; and the content sharing service Pinterest is a great tool to help you do it.

This may seem a little left field but visual identity is critical to brand development and Pinterest is digital scrapbooking at its best. Pinterest can also help you focus your niche and the values surrounding your brand.

Before creating your brand’s Pinterest boards decide if you want them public or secret.

If you are still planning your blog you might want to keep them private, especially if you are concerned they could impact your current employment or inspire a strong response from future competitors.

When designing your brand you should keep your reader avatar front of mind.

This is an image or framework of your perfect reader. By dedicating the first board you create to your avatar you can really ‘get to know them.’

For example, you might pin:

  • People of particular demographics,
  • The music and movies they like,
  • Quotes they find inspiring,
  • How they spend their spare time,
  • Their aspirations for the future,
  • Videos of behaviour and actions they identify with.

You could also create a board dedicated to blogs and organisations with similar values.

This could help you to narrow down and express the values you want your brand to stand for. If you decided to make this board public in the future it would help educate your followers around what to expect from your brand.

Further, why not create a board to play around with colour combinations and fonts to inspire your design? If you are outsourcing the design of your brand, your designer will be most grateful for the extra guidance.

Are you concerned that all the board ideas mentioned so far are mostly suited to new brands?

Why not encourage refinement your brand and increase engagement with your audience at once?

You could host a competition asking your followers to pin an image they feel represents your brand to a shared board and comment why they’ve chosen the particular image.

You could also encourage the reverse – you supply images for followers to re-pin and comment on if they agree it’s an accurate representation of your brand. By monitoring which image is re-pinned the most you’ll get a clear indication of how your audience sees your brand.

Take Action

Will you create Pinterest boards to help design or refine your brand? Have you already used this strategy? Was it effective? Did you keep the boards secret or reveal as your brand progressed?