7 Tips for How to Choose a Domain Name

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A domain is a URL, or web address, where a website can be found on the internet.

Your domain name is part of your brand and impacts how easily people will be able to find your website so choose a domain name carefully.

7 Tips for How to Choose a Domain Name

  1. Choose a name that is easy to remember and easy to type.
  2. Avoid using a name similar to existing website’s domain names
  3. Avoid names that are difficult for people to type correctly, like those that have the same letters next to each other or that include numbers and hyphens.
  4. Consider adding keywords into your domain name to help with search-ability and make it relevant to what your target audience is looking for  Don’t make it too long though!
    • For example, if your business is called Smith Design and you design websites, you could use the domain www.smithwebsitedesign.com.au
    • Your domain name sometimes becomes the link text that other websites use when linking to your website. If this happens and you have keywords in your domain name, by default they are included as the text on your inbound links, which helps your search engine optimisation for those keywords.
    • Read more about Keywords in a Domain Name
  5. If you are a company, consider if you want the “.com” or, if your target audience is located in one particular country, use the country specific ending.
    • For example, if you are targeting customers in Australia, use the .com.au ending.  If your target audience is in more than one country, use the .com
    • Check your local regulatory requirements for registering a local domain name.
    • If both the country specific domain eg the .com.au and the .com are available, consider purchasing both and have the un-used one redirected to your main domain.
  6. Once you’ve shortlisted some names, domain registration services allow you to check if the domain is available. For example, review the facility on the homepage of www.crazydomains.com.au
  7. For branding purposes, your domain name should reflect your business name, so choose your business name carefully, particularly if you are an internet based business where the keywords you use in your domain name can help your search engine ranking.
    • For example, when choosing the name “Grassroots Internet Strategy” we reviewed a list of keywords relevant to what our website is about.
    • Then we researched the domain names that included our short list of keywords and that were also available in both the .com and the .com.au (as we are located in Australia)
    • Although the business name and domain name that we selected is quite long www.grassrootsinternetstrategy.com.au having the keyword “Internet Strategy” makes it obvious what our website is about and also helps us rank on search terms that include “internet strategy” such as “internet strategy tips” and “internet strategy courses”.

Once you’ve selected a name, write it down and make sure it looks OK.  If it includes several words, you can capitalise the first letter of each word for marketing purposes, to make it easier to read.  Like www.GrassrootsInternetStrategy.com.au  You also want to avoid using a name that is protected by a Trademark or Copyright so check the relevant service in your country.

Good luck choosing your domain name.


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