How to get Television, Newspaper, Book and Guest Blog Opportunities… Twice a Day

Be Big News - Boy with Placard

Despite my inbox spilling over daily there is one email that I can’t bear to not read, and that comes from SourceBottle.

SourceBottle is a very smart website concept developed by Rebecca Derrington that connects Journalists, Writers and Bloggers with “sources”.

This morning’s email included call outs for:

  • Big Boozers
  • Mum entrepreneurs
  • Women in the workplace
  • Health & Wellness Stories
  • Examples of small biz websites who generate income
  • Prizes for a charity raffle
  • Innovators in property design and urban planning

Every day there is a plethora of media publications and outlets looking to feature people like you. This year I was featured in a two page spread for a UK magazine, I have been interviewed with IT related CEO’s for web TV, offered 2 guests blogging roles, a small part in a book for start-up business owners and a quote in an article.

Adversely I have also used the service to find a brilliant selection of business examples for my own book.

Every business person I have put onto this website has become hopelessly addicted, I got this email last week…

“Thanks to you I am completely addicted to SourceBottle! I am constantly forwarding alerts onto our publicist … I think I might be starting to annoy her actually.”

Basically is a fabulous service that allows you visibility into opportunities for media coverage that you may never see otherwise and if you are serious about growing your business and establishing your presence in the market you would be a fool to miss it.

Oh, and did I mention that it is free?!!


p.s. please share any other media websites or organisations that you use to help promote your business, especially any that have a global feel.