How to Use Google Analytics to Improve your Website

Analysing your website with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool.

It provides a wealth of information about your website.

Whenever someone tells me they need to improve their website’s performance, the first question I ask is “Do you have Google Analytics installed?”.

If the answer is “yes”, then we can review the information and decide what to do next.  If the answer is “no”, and they don’t have another type of analytics tool already installed, I encourage them to get Google Analytics set up as soon as possible so that we have some data to work with.

Understand and improve your website’s performance

Follow the green links below to read articles about data from Google Analytics that will help you understand and improve your website.

Or, if you have time, get a comprehensive walkthrough by watching the video of my “Google Analytics 101” presentation from WordCamp Melbourne in February.

Getting Started

Not convinced you need analytics?

Find out Why You’ve Gotta Have a Website Monitoring Tool

Make sure your Account is set up the right way

Who really has control of your Google Analytics account?

Understand the terminology that’s used

Google Analytics Dashboard Walkthrough

Drilling Down on Information from the Dashboard

Find out if people in your target geographic location are visiting your website

Where are your web visitors located? Use the Google Analytics Map Overlay to find out

Understand where your web traffic is coming from to find out which website marketing activities are paying off

Know your Google Analytics Website Traffic Sources

Tracking Conversions

In order for you to get results, once they get to your website your visitors need to be motivated to act, such as making a purchase, signing up for your e-newsletter or submitting an enquiry.

Have Active Visitors Who Keep Coming Back

Goals allow you to track the actions that your web visitors take

Google Analytics – Go for Goals!

Keeping a regular eye on your Analytics

Monitor your Google Analytics account regularly so that you’ll know what impact your marketing (or lack of marketing!) has.

Set benchmarks for key statistics

How to set realistic targets for your website

You can get reports automatically emailed to you on a regular basis

Setting up Google Analytics Automated Web Reports

Google Analytics 101 Presentation from WordCamp Melbourne

Watch the vid to explore Google Analytics in more depth.

You’ll find out tips and tricks that took me years to learn!

Although Google Analytics provides an incredible amount of useful information, it doesn’t give insights into WHY your web visitors behave the way they do.  To find out more about the WHY, it’s useful to get feedback about your website from your clients, prospects and subscribers.

Which features of Google Analytics do you like the most?  Which do you need help with?

Leave a comment and let us know.

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