How to use Twitter like a Pro

Our recent survey showed that 47% of respondents aren’t confident in using Twitter as a method of online marketing.

<Serena> Arrghhhh!

Twitter Confidence Levels

We would like to help you become more confident!!

Because we have experience with what a powerful tool Twitter can be for marketing small business, we have collated this post to cover all the tips, articles and resources you will need to use Twitter like a pro.

If you haven’t had success using Twitter for business or you haven’t tried it yet, these articles will get you started on your path to Twitter nirvana. If you want to fast track, then check out the details at the bottom for the (worlds best!) step-by-step guide for using Twitter for business.

Starting out with Twitter for business

If you are an absolute Twitter newbie, start by reading  What is Twitter? Twitter Explained

And then, before you set up your account, find out How to Choose a Good Twitter Username for Your Business

Here is a basic Twitter 1, 2, 3…

1. Get an account.
Not rocket science! But step number one is to go to Twitter , click the yellow “Sign Up” button and set up an account. Include a great picture and craft a descriptive bio for your profile.

2. Follow and converse with people who interest you.twitter bird
Get involved by responding to what other people say. Be interested in people and they will be interested in you! Check people out, view their website and tell them when you appreciate them.

3. Be a real person.
You are not a business, you run a business. So when you post, post as yourself! Be real, three dimensional and vary the types of posts you post. By all means post about your business, just not over and over in the same day. People want to know who YOU are.

3 Reasons Why Twitter Rocks for Business!

Twitter rocks for business, because:

1. You can connect instantly to anyone who has an account, anywhere in the world.
Yes, anyone! Twitter has created a safe way in which people can network with even the big players in an industry. Some of the most popular people in Twitter land converse on a regular basis with their followers. But more thrilling is the opportunity to connect with all the people who would potentially be interested in your business.

2. You can find out who has been asking for your products and services in real time
Twitter search allows you to search for anything said and then respond. Think of the key things people would say when they would want your services and search for those words. For example, a graphic designer may search for anyone who has posted “I need a Graphic Designer” if anyone in the world has posted that today, then you have a potential client that you can respond to. Simple but powerful.

3. You can get loads of warm traffic to your website
When you share something interesting or witty people tend to check out your profile. If they like that they will often click through to your website to check you out. Also you have the opportunity to post links to your website pages/blogs/content in your feed, again, if people like you tweets they will click on your links.

Because you only have a limited amount of characters for each tweet, use a URL shortener like to shorten links.  And if you create a account, you’ll be able to track how many people click on your links.

A healthy percentage of our traffic comes directly from Twitter, you can do this too.

Find out more in Why you need Twitter as well as Facebook for Business and

Why Twitter is good for your Business

Using Twitter

The key to success with any social network comes down to 3 main things…

1. Give value – whether it is entertainment, information or inspiration, aim to be a source of value to those who connect with you.

2. Do as the locals do – it is essential that you get to know how the natives interact with a network before you start any self promotion! Get involved at a personal level and see how people communicate with each other. Go softly at first and then when you feel confident with the network, you can start to introduce your business related posts.

3. Create a conversation – social media is all about conversations. You have a brilliant opportunity to talk about your business as well as listen to what is happening in your industry and with your customers and potential customers. Use social media to network, contribute and be contributed to, do this and people will be happy to hear your business news as well.

Once you’re set up and starting to use Twitter, here are three of our most popular articles, which we recommend reading to really enhance your Twitter experience:

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From there, you can start using Twitter lists to keep your incoming tweets and the people you follow organised.

Watch a Video on How to Use Twitter Lists

Please share! What is your biggest hurdle with Twitter? What would make you more confident?

Mel and Serena

Read more about the results of our survey, that was run in conjunction with WebSurvey, a Melbourne based business providing a complete survey service.