Iggy Pintado’s Social Media Insights and More Online Marketing Tips


As the Websites Rock Festival rolled out this week it reminded me of how much information exists about marketing your website. Especially when you consider social media, email marketing, how search engines work, what makes great web design and development, generating media coverage and so much more.

And that’s why Grassroots Internet Strategy exists. Our aim is to help you get straight to the jargon-free information you need to get a website that rocks!

Today we have some of the insights into “Using Social Media to Generate Business” that Iggy Pintado shared in his webinar this week, along with info about generating your own media coverage from Philippa Lowe at Publicity Express. Plus more online marketing tip videos from our Business Rock Stars.

Iggy Pintado’s Social Media Insights

To get connected, go to the places that people go to and gather, like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • To be successful online, you need to have a website that people want to interact withConnection-Generation-Logo4
  • 70% of Australians visited a social media website in the last month
  • Social Media is not about your age, it’s about your ability and desire to connect
  • A opportunity exists to generate business because Word of Mouth marketing is now the most effective and efficient method of marketing that exists
    • Business is now less about Contacts, and more about Connections
    • Business is now less about Transactions, and more about Relationships
The 4 P’s of Online Networking; Purpose, Profile, Participation, Persistence


Be clear about what you are trying to do, for example, your aim might be to:

  • build brand awareness
  • service customers
  • sales prospecting


Profile yourself right from the start and make sure people know who you are, who knows you and who recommends you.


This P is all about having a go! Like in the old days when people went to social dances, if you sit in the corner you won’t meet anyone. To be successful you need to get up, dance, talk and engage.


Work out how social media fits into your business, develop a plan of attack, manage your time to implement it and keep persisting with it!

Social Media:

  • Has a relatively low cost of entry but it is time intensive.
  • Requires discipline and policy.
  • Has a low cost of failure but it has great potential to generate opportunities for your business.

If you are introverted and wary of social media, get around it by partnering with someone who isn’t.

These are just some of the notes that I made during the webinar. To get the full picture, buy a copy of Iggy Pintado’s book,  Connection Generation online from eBay for only $25

Making a Media Splash, without Spending lots of Cash

Philippa Lowe of Publicity Express presented a webinar about PR, which is the Missing Magical Marketing Ingredient for many businesses.

But, you’re able to do it, and do it well, PR:

  • Gives you the best return for your marketing dollar
  • Is the fastest and cheapest way to get the word out
  • Articles written by journalists are seen as trustworthy and independent, so it’s a great way to build your credibility
  • And, other than the investment of your time, it’s free!

Phil defines PR as “how you want your customers and prospects to think and feel about you”.

Your PR tactical plan can include:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Your website – have a “Press room” page
  • Awards
  • Use of Celebrities
  • Seminars / Workshops
  • Special Events
  • Articles
  • Community involvement (like supporting a charity)
  • Writing a book
  • Other online PR like blogging
  • Newsletter
  • Publicity

If you’re trying to media attention, these are the hooks that work:

  • Launch of a new product, service or book
  • Tie in with a current trend
  • Providing useful advice
  • Promoting interesting people or information
  • Independent surveys or testimonials.

This is a great tip: To distribute your Press Releases for free, check out PR Wire at http://www.prwire.com.au/

Business Rock Star Video Tips

Tessa Needham of Tessa Needham Creative talks about why WordPress is great platform to use for your new website.

Tess is the WordPress designer and developer for the Grassroots team. She worked with us to put together this website, and others like www.logandancesydney.com.au and www.grandslamgal.com

Michael Russel from “In 27 Days” on the value that Email Auto Responders can provide for your business

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