Imagine if the whole world was like good web copy…

good web copy is clear and easy to understand

Good web copy is nicely laid out and easy to skim read.

Good web copy is clear and easy to understand.

Good web copy gives you the information you need and lets you know what to do next.

Imagine if the whole world was like that…

Formal correspondence would be less intimidating

Instead of making your head hurt, letters and emails from solicitors, insurers and other professional service providers would be easier to understand and it would be clear what you need to do in order to respond. This might motivate the recipients to read the document straight away, rather than putting it off for as long as possible because they know they will need to read it several times before they understand what it’s about.

Shop doors would let you know their opening hours

Too many times I’ve walked past the door of a shop or a gallery that displays a “Closed” sign but no information about when they will be open.

And then there’s the classic “Back in 15 mins” but no indication of what time that 15 minutes may have started, or will end.

Yet if you want to make it easy for people to visit your shop when it’s open, it’s so easy to give potential customers the information they need.

Street signs would be easy to find and easy to read (like good website navigation)

Is it just me or is Australia one of the hardest places in the world to find the name of a street? Especially at night when the low light energy saving street lights aren’t placed anywhere near the signs.

Some more thoughts:

From Tessa of

If books and other offline documents could include hyperlinks to take you directly to related information.

On a larger scale, every bit of related information would be interconnected.

This is a great idea but might be harder to achieve than the others.

From Nancy of Woman Glow

Business and educational presentations would be made in clear language without jargon, which often puts the listener on the back foot.

From Andrea of Breast Cancer Nirvana

Workplace communications would be clearer. Web writing is usually plain English – much easier to understand. Things are reduced to simplicity eg even with headings – About, Goals etc. The maximum of information given in the simplest/least number of words.

From Erin of Activate28

Good web copy balances catering for the audience with a secondary need to ‘score points’ with SEO. I wish that in real life, people pitched what they said direct to the audience, and less about ‘scoring points’ (sounding fancy schmancy or ego-driven).

What other things would improve if the whole world was like good web copy?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.