6 Smart Ways To Collect Information From Your Website Visitors

Do you have smart incentives to collect information?

Regardless of your objectives one of the key goals of your website should always be to collect information (contact details) from people who visit your website.

Although this can be overlooked in the quest for sales and sales leads, collecting information is important because if you have a person’s contact details and they subscribe to your emails, you can sell to them again and again (and again!).

People are generally happy to give you their information if they like what you do and you give them something in return, so think about the kinds of incentives that you can offer that your readers would consider valuable.

This is the most important thing to understand when planning your website structure!

Here are 6 smart ways to collect information from your website visitors.


Product samples

Recently I signed up for an Australia Post Promotion because they offered to send me free jellybeans (I am a sucker for yummy things!). If you can send people things that help to advertise your business or stand out from the crowd then do it.

Service samples

Logan Dance Sydney offer a free group class to new subscribers. The system is automated so that each person can print their certificate and pop into a class at their convenience. With the free class people can visit the studio, see how welcoming it is on any normal day, try out the teachers for themselves and get a feel for the studio and guess what? They tend to stay!


If your website provides lots of information that people want, or if they are passionate about your company, they may want to subscribe to your newsletter to be kept up to date. The number of subscriptions to your newsletter will relate to the perceived value of the information that you have to share. Make clear the frequency of your newsletter and send one worth reading. Remember… give value!

Blog updates

If your blog is useful to people they will want to subscribe to be kept updated. Let them know the frequency of your blog and what they can expect from you. Some companies send blogs every few hours and some may do a weekly roundup. You can offer people the choice of email or RSS updates depending on their preference. 

Free e-book

Give massive value with free e-books on topics that would interest your readers. You can either purchase a licence for an existing book, have someone write one for you or write your own. At Grassroots we started with the e-book “Top 11 Website Mistakes and How to Avoid Them” which is a great resource for our readers and gives us a large number of subscriptions.

Free web seminar

Get an expert (it could be you!) to deliver a live web seminar on a particular topic. Advertise the event as much as possible prior to the event (think joint ventures!) and have people register through your website in advance.

Tips for Collecting Information from your website visitors

  • When designing your website, put your call to action (and buttons, links or forms) in a prominent place on the screen (like top, right).
  • You can also add a link to your main call to action at the end of your copy (like I’ve done at the end of the this article)
  • Track the results of your call to action and if you are not getting good results, look at how your offer is presented, as well as whether it has enough value to inspire people to participate.

Once you start to collect information from your visitors keep them informed and delighted to hear from you with smart email marketing.

To test the theory, subscribe to our database and be informed and delighted with our regular blog posts!

Happy Hunting

Serena “Social Star”

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net