5 Ways to Increase Organic Traffic to Ecommerce Websites

The first step of selling a product or service on an ecommerce website is to have people visiting the website. Make sure your website is set up in the best possible way to attract organic traffic, right from the start.

Here are 5 Ways you can Increase Organic Traffic to Ecommerce Websites

1. Name your products carefully

If the product has a well known brand name, include the brand name, and the commonly used name in the product name.  Do some keyword research to select the right words, aiming for at least two words to describe the product. Read more about Keyword Research.

For example, imagine you are selling rings online.  They might be “Tiffany rings” that are  “diamond rings” or “engagement rings”.  So you could call the product “Tiffany diamond engagement rings” so that you include the main keywords in the product name.

2. Put each product on a separate page

Putting each product on a separate page means that:

  • You can optimise each page for the product specific keywords (in this case, your carefully worded product name)
  • Each product creates a page of content for your website (the more pages the better for search engines)

3. Use the product name as the Page Title (Title Tag)

Once you’ve gone to the effort of creating a keyword rich product name, use the product name in your page title to help search engines know which keywords are relevant to the product.

4. Write a unique product description

Search engines don’t like duplicate content so if you want your website to get organic traffic, never take the easy road and copy the manufacturers description of the product; rewrite it in your own words, including your keywords or variations of your keywords.

5. Include a high quality image of each product and name the image with your keywords

Because your web visitors can’t actually touch or feel your products, high quality images are critical. Use your carefully constructed product name as the image file name and the alt tag for the image.

Happy optimising your ecommerce product names!


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Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net