Is Pinterest Drinking From The Social Media Waters?

New Pinterest Home Page

I’m pretty sure there’s something in the water! The social media waters!

Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest have all rolled out changes and additions to their platforms in the last couple of weeks. It seems whatever is in the water is catching.

Although perhaps less visually dramatic compared with the other platforms, the changes Pinterest has made will certainly impact pinners.

Larger Images

Bigger is better? Well, it depends what you are talking about but Pinterest definitely thinks larger images are the way to go. When you click on an image it is now 735 pixels wide having previously been 600 pixels, a 22.5 percent increase.

Pinterest has increased the image width allowed 735 pixels.

Large images are an opportunity for businesses as they can include more depth and detail in their pins without losing quality. Pinners benefit by not having to visit the original source for a better viewing experience.

Pinterest may also witness a change in pinner behaviour. Rather than simply ‘dumping’ pins on a board by topic, pinners might begin curating by font styles, colour spectrums and more.

Discovery Tools

Pinterest has focused on highlighting the increased ways to find ‘new stuff’ made possible by a drop down menu with category suggestions.

Pinterest has added 'discovery tools' including category suggestions.

Noticeably, there aren’t any categories related to business, marketing or social media meaning marketing consultancies may need to become more focused on niches or specific industries if they are to appear in search results relevant to their prospects and clients.

Further, when you click on a pin thumbnails appear on the right showing you other pins on the board plus additional images from the original pinner. As a result you can view a whole range of related images without changing page.

Pinterest Thumbnails Are Part Of The New Discovery Tools

Under the main image and thumbnails is a further discovery tool in the form of ‘People who pinned this also pinned’ like the approach used by Amazon in ‘People who bought this also bought.’ This is a very savvy move by Pinterest especially having bore witness to Amazon’s success.

Pinterest Discovery Tool 'People Who Pinned This Also Pinned' All the new discovery tools are grids of their own. As Kyle VanHemert says Pinterest is:

taking everything that’s accessible and immediate about Pinterest’s main experience and packing it onto the page for each individual pin.

Of course the end goal is to keep pinners more engaged, repinning and on the site longer.

Anchored Browsing

The new Pinterest feature I think you’ll love the most is anchored browsing. This means that when you click into an individual pin and then the back arrow, you’ll be returned to the same position in the content rather than arbitrarily to the top.

It’ll save you time retracing your progress and allow you to keep moving quickly.

Take Action

To take advantage of the Pinterest changes:

1. Design your images to make the most of the new image width.
2. Consider the categories when choosing the keywords for your images.

Implement these actions now!

Next post you’ll learn about features removed from Pinterest followed by an examination of Pinterest Web Analytics.