Is Your Website Designed to Help You Retire Young?


Regardless of the reason you set your website up, it has the potential to create for you a passive income. Whether your website is designed to advertise your small business, share your ideas or fundraise for charity, it is possible to create an alternative source of income from it.

If you are a lawyer, a massage therapist, a mechanic or a chef you can make an alternative source of income from your website. Whether your passion is old cars, extreme sports, natural childbirth or watching soaps on TV yep, you can create income from your website.

Basically, anything that you do, love or know can be used to create income and thousands and thousands of people around the world are doing exactly that and having the opportunity to retire young.

So how do you use your website to retire young?

Your website is your shop front. Regardless of what you are selling your website has the opportunity. Now this shop front faces the whole world. Most traditional business owners I meet use their website as a marketing tool for people who search for something in Google. They think. “I am a lawyer/plumber/dance instructor/health practitioner etc. and my clients are people in my local area.” And they treat their website like it thinks the same way…

But it doesn’t! Your website is out there in web world ready to serve information to a global audience and you send it out there wearing only a fig leaf of basic information about you. Your website has nothing for the potentially millions of people in the world who may not be able to visit you in person but who would still benefit from your knowledge and experience and who may visit your shop front on the web.

This is an area in your business that has huge potential. It has the opportunity to continue strongly even if your biggest competitor physically moves in next door. It has the opportunity to directly service 1.8 billion users who frequent the internet. It has the opportunity to create for you a low maintenance income and possibly a completely passive income.

Sound good?!

If you recognise that your business would benefit from a little globalisation, start to look at how you can use your knowledge to create a new income stream on your website, look at what you have to share and how you can package that attractively for your new potential customers that may visit you on the web.

If you would like to transform your website into a global shop front with global products contact me to set up a time to speak or go to the website for more information.

Happy Hunting!

Serena “Social” Star