Is Your Website Stuck, Old or Embarrassing?

Does your website suck?

Business start up can be hard, and even more so when you feel stuck with your website.

There are so many reasons for this, like…

  • Your web person is unreliable or has disappeared
  • It is costly to have someone continue making changes for you
  • You have outgrown your website, but don’t want to lose what you have
  • All you see is what you don’t like about your website
  • It is all just too hard!

The thing is that you NEED your website to work, you need your website to be an active player in your business.

The good news is that you can take control of your website and feel more confident in using it to benefit your business. There are a lot of hypothetical situations here because every website is different and every has different wants and needs, but here is a generalised overview of how to proceed.

When to Upgrade Your Website

It is worth upgrading the website you have if a) you have put a lot of work into your website, b) your business aligns with the content and c) you are able to update and change it when you please.

If you have a good easy to use CMS (content management system) like WordPress (.org) then you can make a complete design or layout change, and simply reformat your content to suit.

If you have a large audience you can rebrand and bring them with you, this counts for your social media accounts as well as your website. If they are following you, a name change takes a little getting used to, but it is not going to kill your audience off.

When to Start a New Website

Sometimes you just need to start fresh. You may have started a website on a platform that has limitations like Wix or Weebly and you are ready to start again. Or perhaps you have changed your website topic completely and your old content doesn’t suit your new business.

It is possible to re-use your domain name if you want to upgrade to another content management system (like

Also if you are using external applications like Mailchimp, Aweber or social media, there is no reason why you can’t connect them to your new website if it makes sense.

A fresh start doesn’t have to mean completely fresh! You can include what worked for you and then overhaul the rest.

Understanding Website Basics

When you own a website it is important to have an understanding of how things work, even if you plan on outsourcing most of it.

Knowing the basics will give you the confidence to make changes when you need to, help you confidently make strategic decisions and will help you choose the right people to work with.

Are you ready to take that step?

Website Course

Website Launchpad

If you have found yourself stuck with your website it is time to take charge! The Website Launchpad is a web based course that will show you what you need to know to create, manage and market a business website.

You will discover step by step how things work and then have the option to do it yourself or outsource.

The course is live, interactive and fully supported while you get your website working for you.

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