Keyword Research and Analysis for SEO… The Easy Way


The conversation starts with something like this; “Selecting the right keywords is an important part of optimising your web copy. And I’m happy to show you how to do it yourself…..”

At this point, many of my clients push themselves away from the table and start staring out the window.

We then agree on the broad topics that are relevant to their website and they leave the keyword research and analysis to me.  Which is totally fine, don’t get me wrong. I love keywords. But read on if you want an easy way to do keyword analysis yourself…

Anyone who wants to get results from their website needs web traffic. And not just any old traffic, targeted traffic, from people who want what you’ve got to offer.

Include keywords in your website, in the right places, to increase your traffic from Google.

Ideally, you want to optimise your copy for keywords that:

  • Have the highest search volume
  • Are directly relevant to your content
  • Have the lowest competition.

In previous articles I’ve covered Keyword Research and Where to Use Keywords in Your Web Copy

Now, for those who are serious about keyword analysis and finding niche keywords that are less competitive, I wanted to let you know about a tool I’ve been using called Market Samurai

Market Samurai uses data from Google’s Keyword tool but also gives you a lot of extra information, all in one place, to help you choose your keywords.

Some of the features I love about Market Samurai are:
  • Once you’ve selected a word, the SEO Competition feature gives you information about the Top 10 websites that are ranking in Google for that word. This helps you see if you’ll be able to compete or not. And if you can’t work it out, you’ll love the colour coding in green, yellow and red that is a guide to the competitiveness. Green means go, get it?
  • Having a lot of inbound links is a critical part of ranking high in Google.  Market Samurai includes a link through to a list of all the other websites that are linking to each of the Top 10 websites. This will give you plenty of ideas for building your own links.
  • It saves your results so you can click to access the information you’ve researched whenever you need to, or you can download it to a spreadsheet.

Download a free trial and see if this is the tool for you.  It has a ton of other features for finding products and services that you can promote to earn money, publishing new content to the web, finding high quality inbound link opportunities and more. Watch the training videos first to find out how to use all the information that’s available.

Would love to hear your feedback when you’re trialling the tool, and from people who are already using it.