4 Simple Ways to Launch your Small Business Website

Launch your website

We are in a small town in the north of Ecuador, preparing the launch of our new website: Five Point Five.

Many small business people spend all their time working on getting their website up, but forget to launch it to the world. This is a wasted opportunity to create some buzz, and buzz is exactly what a new website needs!

Here are some tips for giving your website baby the best start to life, particularly when you don’t have a marketing budget or an existing audience.

Pre socialise your website

Don’t wait for your website to be up to get started on social media. You want your social media fans to be salivating in anticipation of your launch! So choose whether you will focus your attention on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. and get cracking straight away.

With Five Point Five we launched a Twitter and Facebook page before the website itself.

Create a launch date and then launch!

A launch date will get you and everyone you have access to focused on your website.

Most small time website launches are about as exciting as making the bed.

There will be a moment when you have to accept that even though it is not ready in your eyes – it is ready!

If you have something exciting to offer your readers then set a date for launch and make a fuss about it,  give something away, launch your exciting free incentive and make sure your most recent blog post is 5 minutes of awesomeness – start as you mean to go on.

With Five Point Five we had two launches. The official website launch and then the launch of our free eBook. This gave us the ability to have two slices of the launch pie.

Get publicity

Publicity can make a very boring launch very exciting! But you need to have a great story.

We love SourceBottle for a daily dose of publicity opportunities and for Five Point Five we use the fab services of a small business PR queen, Belle Gurd.

Depending on your website topic, there will be bloggers out there who would potentially be interested in interviewing you. You may already know them personally  or subscribe to their website. Let people know that you are available for interviews or guest blogs on certain topics.

With Five Point Five we have had several articles published already and a radio interview arranged through Belle and Source Bottle. We will be guest blogging for a few different websites over the next few months.

Let people know you exist!

This is a no brainer – but a good place to start – contact everyone you know personally and ask them to check out your website and share it with the people they think would benefit from it.

Just posting on Facebook is a cop out (but do that too!) – pick up the phone and call the people you know, or send them a personal email. The more personal and real you are the more seriously they will take your request to check you out, subscribe and share.

There are 4 simple ways you can help your website get started. What else do you do to launch your website?