You say Pot-a-to, I say Pot-ah-toe, Let’s call the whole thing a business partnership

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Instead of internet strategy and online marketing tips, today we wanted to tell you a little bit more about us, and why we’re so passionate about helping to make the web world a better place for small business owners.

Serena and I first met when we worked for the same global IT company. Serena was in sales and I was in marketing, and even then, we worked well together, despite our completely different approach to things.

On a Superficial Level

Serena is from New Zealand, I’m an Australian.

Serena lives in Sydney, I live in Melbourne.

On a Partnership Level

Serena has a never ending streams of new ideas, whereas I like to stay focused on the things we’ve already decided to do.

Serena will jump straight in and seize an opportunity, working out the details along the way, while I like to figure out how something can done before committing to doing it.

Serena is great at all thing social media, especially the things that need a personal touch. I love the fact that keywords, Google AdWords and Analytics are a bit scientific and analytical so that if you follow a good system, they always work.

I give up quickly when I can’t work out technical problems on my iPhone, WordPress or our RSS feed, while Serena will persevere and figure them out.

On a Business Level

We both love running our businesses. We believe 100% in what we do and giving our clients honest and ethical services.

We both believe in working hard, but not at the expense of spending time with family and friends.

On a Personal Level

We both love having a good time, regardless of what it is we’re doing.

We both support charities to make the world a better place.

We both have amazing partners who endlessly support our ambitions and plans.

Serena loves music festivals (and a million other things) while my true passion is watching Men’s Grand Slam Tennis (stay tuned – my Grand Slam Tennis blog is launching soon).

And we’ve both worked with far too many clients who spent a lot of money on their websites without getting any real results.

So, we’re committed to sharing the jargon free, information and resources you need to make good decisions about who to work with and how to plan your online marketing and internet strategy.

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Pot-a-to, pot-ah-toe, tom-a-to, tom-ah-toe.

From my point of view, working with someone who has different but complimentary skills and practices makes for a great business partnership.  And we started working together again pretty much based on a status update that I put on Facebook mentioning that I’d started my own web copywriting business.  Serena responded that we should catch up and the rest is almost history. (Ah, the power of Facebook!)

What do you like about your business?

All this potato talk is making me hungry…



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