Creating BUZZ (for every blog, launch & event in your website calendar)

People like buzz, they like to be part of something exciting and new.

Think of your website as a source of endless excitement; the next blog, the next launch, the next product or service.

Have you ever noticed that the smartest marketers have more exciting ideas, offers and opportunities than everyone else?

Review your plans for your website with a buzz builder mindset:

  • How will you create excitement about your next blog post?
  • How will you build up the anticipation to your next product launch?
  • How will you have your community involved in your next website upgrade?

Discovering the art of buzz

Creating buzz is an art that can give you more sales, more sharing, more anticipation and a greater build-up of momentum.

For some people it comes naturally, but for most people you need to practice and watch that you don’t overdo it.

To get started, consider the next things you will be promoting; pre-empt them and get your audience excited!

Tips for building buzz

Ask people in your industry to share your blog or event on Facebook and Twitter as well as in their newsletters.

Compensate people for spreading the word. If you have a product, a generous affiliate program will give people the incentive to promote you like crazy.

Create an interesting angle about the event or product. If you think you have something newsworthy, call appropriate publications and pitch your story.

Offer products for review blogs or testimonials and consider offering copies of your product as prizes for competitions.

Build up to launch day, let your community know that something exciting is coming. Give sneak previews, write related blogs in the lead up. Give a short period of a special or a pre-release to thank the people who already support you.

Have a launch event for your major releases. Celebrate in style!

Ideally you want to spend as much energy in the promotion of your blog product or website as you did in producing it. So if you find your marketing efforts are limp by comparison it is time to create a plan for BUZZ!