Not Sure What To Do With Your Website? Try The Five Step Website Check

If the purpose of your website is to generate enquiries or sales for your company, review your website as if you were a visitor seeing it for the first time and answer these questions

Step 1 – Usability

  • Home Page. Does the home page clearly explain what your company does or what the purpose of the website is?
  • Call To Action. Is there a specific Call to Action above the fold on each page, such as “find out more about our services”, “buy our products” or “sign up for our e-newsletter”?

The fold is the imaginary line at the bottom of your monitor, you can read information
that is above the fold without scrolling down.

  • Contact Details. Are your contact details easy to find from every page of the website?

Step 2 – Content Strategy

  • Content Marketing Plan. Do you have a content building plan and a Content Management System that makes it easy to regularly add new content, such as blog posts, newsletter articles or case studies?
  • Driving Traffic With New Content. Once new content is created, do you drive traffic to your website by sharing it with a database of email subscribers and via social media like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?

Step 3 – Readability

  • Easy to Read Words. Is your content written using clear, concise and simple words?
  • Skimmable Content. Are blocks of text broken up using headings and subheadings and formatting such as bold, italics and underline?
  • Embedded Links. Have you embedded links to other pages of your website throughout your content?

Step 4 – Searchability

  • Keywords. Have you selected keywords that you regularly use in your content in Headings, Subheadings, body text and link text?
  • Page Titles and Meta Descriptions. Does your Content Management System allow you to add a keyword rich Page Title and Meta Description to each new page of content?
  • External Links. Have you built links from other websites to yours by adding your information to web directories, adding comments to blog posts, distributing online press releases and articles, and requesting other website owners to add you to their links page?

Step 5 – Monitoring

  • Monitoring Tool. Do you have a website monitoring tool in place, such as Google Analytics?
  • Understanding Your Website’s Performance. Do you regularly review your website’s performance? Do you understand what bounce rate, traffic sources and visitors mean so that you can use this information to make improvements?

Until next time