3 Key Elements of Online Videos that Get Results

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This is you!

You’ve decided you want to use online video to build your profile, your personal brand, product or service.

You already have a solid or growing reputation in your industry as an expert or you want to develop one.

You’re already really comfortable face-to-face, making any kind of presentation to a small group or speaking from the stage. At least, you can look like you are.

Engaging people either one-on-one, in conference or from the stage are very different.

The one-on-one engagement is a relaxed, friendly conversation, where both parties talk about needs and solutions. You read body language and respond and react to the desires of that individual. You work out whether you can do business together. It’s what I call an intimate engagement.

When you address a small group or speak from the stage, your experience is almost the polar opposite. In fact, you’re genuinely in performance mode. You’re making a presentation and feeling pretty energized. That’ll be the adrenalin. Your volume will be higher, you’ll possibly gesture and work physically in a different way than normal. And, the way you prepare your material is based on the supposed need of the group in general.

Think for a moment about just how different it feels when you do both. Think about how you go about preparing for each.

Now let’s talk about Video!

Engaging people who are watching your video is a different beast all together, so preparing the written material for video is crucial to its success. In a previous blog, I talked about the 4 Key Questions to ask before you create an Online Video. Now I’m going to talk about 3 Key Elements of content to nail before you face that camera.

Make it short – “Come on, come on I haven’t got all minute”

Today, everything in business needs to be achieved in a short amount of time. It’s not that our attention span is getting shorter. It’s that we just have so much material to look at, read and respond to, that we require everything to be short.

Please avoid the trap of making your video tooooo long. They’ll turn off. I know I do, if it’s too long. I’ll say, “I’ll get back to that later”. Sometimes I just never do. 3 minutes is a long video in my view. If it’s going to be around 3 minutes or even longer, it’ll want to be pretty interesting. 2 minutes, I’ll watch. The truth is 1 minute is often enough. You can get through a lot of words in 1 minute but you need to be able to cut-to-the-chase.

I know you have a lot of things to say, but when you begin to prepare a script for your video and you write it all down, make sure you read it aloud when you’re editing it. As you’re reading, put yourself in the shoes of the viewer and ask these questions of your material.

If I was listening to that, would I;

  • Believe it?
  • Understand it? As in, is the language accessible or just a bunch of jargon?
  • Be engaged by it? As in, is the way you deliver language warm or too formal?
  • Hear repetition? Repetition can be useful but don’t forget, short is best. Edit!

Editing your work is best done from the listener’s perspective. Be brutal! Trust me, short is best.

Make it sweet – “Mmmmm, that was good. I think I’ll have some more”

If you want whoever is viewing your video to love what they see and want to do business with you, then you need to know how to capture their interest.

When you first begin to craft your script, write down everything you want to say, in any order…just a bunch of words.

Then ask yourself this question.

Is what I’m saying; about them, about their needs, their problems…or am I just rambling on about myself, my products and how great it all is???

If it is all about you, then change the focus. To get maximum impact, the video has to satisfy their needs, answer their questions and leave them with a feeling that they want more. You’ll do this by making their desires the main focus.

Of course you must include in your video a ‘call to action’.

You’ll want to have their contacts details, so you can further regale them with your brilliance.

In order to get those, just give them something to do, with a sweetener in-built. Invite them to sign up or click a link by offering a discount, or something for free, that will help them further engage with you or the products or services you have in the future.

How sweet is that?

Warning! Don’t give a whole bunch of options. I know what happens to me if I’m given too many options. I often don’t select any. Just give them one simple thing to do.

Here’s the last element to successful video content.

Make it authentically you!

“How do I do that?” I hear you say. “Quelle horreur. Every time someone puts a camera in my face, I get the ‘rabbit in the headlights look’. Now you want me to look authentic?”

Well, yes, I do!

I know you might feel a little daunted by it.

The truth is, working to camera, is not really like talking to a live audience or one-on-one, although you do want to give the impression that you’re just talking to one person. Working to camera is about finding a persona or on-camera style that’s engaging.

When I say to make it authentically you, I mean that I don’t want you to ‘tidy’ yourself up. If you’re an ‘I reckon’ kind of person when you talk naturally, be an ‘I reckon’ person on video too. If you’re a bit of a clown, spontaneous and funny, let those aspects of your personality be part of your video persona as well. The worst thing you can do is look like a talking head, devoid of personality. Identify ‘you-ness’ and stay true.

Avoid formal sentence structure and anything that sounds like business writing as well.

Next time you’re talking about your business to someone on-on-one, record the conversation. The structure for video will be more like that, with the feeling that there is definitely someone else there, someone who’s responding to and reacting to all that you say.

I hope this helps you to get clearer on the content for your video or videos.

Here’s my sweetener.

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Video is here to stay! The sooner you plunge in and start perfecting your on-camera presentations, the quicker the results will start coming in. Happy Days!