Is it Time You Published A Book?

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Are you ready for the magical world of book publishing?

If you have ever considered writing a book this is your big chance.

Publishing a book is an incredible privilege and the gift that keeps on giving. And if you have a blog and community that you have already built around your business or brand, then you have already been taking the first steps to getting a book deal!

5 Benefits to Publishing a Book

1. Creating Opportunities

There is a saying that every language you know is equivalent to a degree in terms of the opportunities it creates for you, I believe that every published book gives you the same result too.

A published book opens the door to many new opportunities, many you can quantify and many are immeasurable. Published authors enjoy opportunities like speaking engagements, media opportunities, project and business partnerships to name a few.

Your book is a chance to share a specific message with the world and people will want to work with you, interview you and have you speak based on that message.

2. Help or inspire people

Depending on what you write, a book gives you the opportunity to entertain, help, educate and/or inspire people. Your message in handy book form can help or inspire people over and over again, years or even decades after you write it.

I have had dozens of people email me to say that they have quit their job, started a business or changed their life significantly after reading my book. It’s a pretty good feeling to be able to have that impact.

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The earlier you connect with your readers the better!

3. Market your expertise

Are you brilliant at something? Have you worked really hard and become an expert? Are you confident in your ability to help your clients?

A book gives you an excellent platform to use your expertise on a grand scale. A publishing deal is essentially a big company investing in your ideas and expertise, so that they can share it with the world. This type of partnership is an extraordinary opportunity for personal branding and marketing your expertise.

4. New income streams

Writing books is not well known for making people rich. But they do bring new income streams through advances, royalties and plenty of other income opportunities like speaking, additional bookings and services.

I have heard a few authors say that they expect to sell an additional $10-$50k in related product and services after launching a new book.

If this is your plan be strategic when you write your book to make the most of it.

5. Leave a legacy!

After all the contract signing, writing, editing, planning, writing, editing and preparation there is a special sense of satisfaction you get when you get that first shiny new book in your hands.

You have created something that will be part of your legacy, a tangible “thing” that could be read in 100 years time and seen as an example of life, culture, art or technology in this day and age.

It is so so satisfying to walk past an airport bookshop and see your book sitting there, knowing that at any moment, someone is going to pick it up, buy it and immerse themselves in your work for at least a few hours.

There you have it – 5 reasons why publishing a book should be on your bucket list and part of your business plan!

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