12 reasons to have a Facebook page

I talk to a lot of people who either have a Facebook page for their business or who are thinking about getting one.  The one thing that often stands out to me is that people don’t know why they have a page.  The reason they give when asked can be “I was told to” or “errm not sure” or “I thought I had to”.  None of these are good reasons.

Why ask why? by °FlorianI have listed some good reasons below,  but remember that this may be YOUR reason but it might not be your audience’s reason that they visit and LIKE the page….

  1. To promote your product/service/business
    This might seem an obvious one, but it is not mentioned that often.  Facebook is a way to market and promote your business to new and potential customers, it’s not just about having fun!
  2. To increase brand awareness
    For people to find out about your business you need to put it out there, promote it and get more eyeballs looking at it.  Facebook with over 800 million users can be a great way to get seen.
  3. To reach people globally
    If your business wants customers from areas other than just the streets around your store then Facebook can be a good way to find more customers.  The world is so small with the internet that people don’t think twice about buying online from a store in another country.  It is hard (and expensive) to get out and promote your business in more than one country, but Facebook can help you do that.
  4. To increase the number of people you reach
    Facebook already has a steady stream of traffic to the site, who could stumble across your business.  Plus having a page will potentially help people find you in search engine results (if you have the right information filled in).  This is particularly relevant if you are just starting out, your website is brand new (and therefore has no traffic) and is near on impossible to find through a Google search.
  5. To increase sales
    Because you are reaching more people and more importantly more potential customers there is a definite opportunity to increase overall sales to both new and existing customers.
  6. To tell customers about new products/services
    Often business owners get so caught up in the business that they forget or don’t get round (me included) to tell people about new products/services.  Facebook is an easy way to let people know what is happening in your business.
  7. To get feedback on products/services
    Involving your audience in new products/services is a good way to make people feel part of your business, and more loyal. People like to be heard and encouraging feedback is a good way to do this, plus if they feel part of your business they are more likely to tell their friends about the business as well.
  8. To create a community for your business/brand
    By creating a community where your customers can chat with others can create new ideas for your products.  But more importantly by creating an environment where people can ask questions, ask for help and get new ideas gives them a reason to visit the page frequently, and so constantly remind them of your business.
  9. To engage your customers
    By engage think entertain, be useful, be helpful and educate.
  10. To increase purchase intent
    Often people think oh yes I want to buy that, but they don’t get around to it, they need prompting.   Posting regularly on your Facebook page is a good way to remind your potential customers that you exist – sometimes that all people need to prompt  purchase.
  11. To build a relationship with your audience
    You want your audience to feel like they are a friend, to like you, because everyone does business with people they like.  The stronger the relationship the more likely they are to buy from you and recommend you.
  12. To make your customers feel loved!
    Finally and my favourite.  If people feel special and that you care they are far more likely to come back again and again.
What’s your reason for the existence of your page?