8 SEO Mistakes That Still Happen Way Too Often

Whether you do your own Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or out-source it to an agency, you need to understand the basics to ensure that you avoid making mistakes which can inadvertently have a negative impact on where your website ranks in Google.

SEO requires a long term approach and Google often makes updates to the factors that are used to determine where a website ranks.

To help you plan your SEO for 2015, I asked SEO Copywriting Specialist Kate Toon, who regularly works with clients to successfully improve their Google ranking, “what SEO mistakes do you still see happening way too often?”. Read on for her answer.

8 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2015

SEO in 2015 is about spending less time trying to trick Google and more time trying to create an awesome website (no change there really, creating an awesome website that your web visitors love has always been a great approach to SEO)

If you’re still doing these 8 silly things in 2015 then your SEO efforts won’t be successful:

1) Having a copy free home page – yes Home pages have a branding job to do but both customers and search engines need to know who you are and what you do, so you need some copy.

2) Spamming keywords – having a list of your products, services or locations in your footer is a dumb idea. Stop it. It doesn’t help you rank and it’s just filling your site up with rubbish content.

3) Crappy Title tags – keep them short, sweet and to the point – they should attempt to describe your pages content and should include your primary keyword phrase at the start.

4) Forgetting local search – If you’re a business with a physical location that you want to attract local customers to, you need to use your location in your:

  • Title tag
  • Heading
  • Content
  • Alt text
  • and URL

5) Looking poo on mobiles – according to SEO Scribe – Mobile traffic is set to overtake desktop traffic in 2015. Check your site on your mobile now, does it look good? Is it fully responsive? IS the right content showing up first?

6) Not using video – according to kiss metrics, customers are 64- 85% more likely to purchase after watching a video. So including videos is a good customer tactic. but also if you optimise your video description, title and tags well it can be a boost for SEO as well – getting a transcript of any video is also a good idea.

7) Not getting into google plus – the more people who add you to their Google plus Circles, the more likely your business is to be found when someone performs a search in Google. (Find out about our “Get into Google+” video training program).

8) Having a website that’s slow to load – an oldie but a goodie, speeding your site up just a few seconds can have a big impact on your ranking, and on the user experience.

Here is some maths to consider

The average SEO company charges around $2,000 per month to manage a small business SEO campaign.

Over a year that’s $24,000.

Over five years that’s $120,000.

It’s a big chunk of your profits right? So why spend all that when you become can SEO expert in your own right for a fraction of the price?

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