6 Surprising Reasons Why Your Audience Won’t Share Your Content

Why they don't share your contentYou’ve been blogging for a while but you’re just not seeing the results you thought you’d have by now. Where are your thousands of readers? Where’s your loyal tribe? Why are your stats at a standstill? 

You’re producing great content that will really help people.. if people would come to your blog and read it.

Don’t the blogging authorities tell you content is king? That if you consistently create great content, people will love it and share it, bringing new people to your blog to read it?

No one’s sharing your stuff.

You start to doubt yourself:

  • Have I chosen the wrong niche?
  • Am I not connecting enough?
  • Is it my writing style?
  • Maybe I’m just not good enough?

The truth is, it’s not so personal. In fact you might be surprised at some of the reasons people aren’t sharing your blog posts.

6 reasons why your audience won’t share your content:


1. You’ve never actually asked them to.

Believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to get people sharing your blog posts is to ask them to. People read with their own situation in mind, and generally don’t think of doing anything else unless their attention is drawn to it. So ask!

2. You haven’t shown them how to.

Be as clear and specific as possible and make it easy for people to share your work. Include a line at the end of your post like “If you found this post helpful and think others would benefit from it too, please share it by clicking on one of the buttons below”.

3. You haven’t helped them enough.

People only recommend you to others if you offer great value. They’re more likely to share your work if you teach them something new, solve a problem, or provide them with something really entertaining – so this is where your focus should be. What’s in it for your readers?

4. You haven’t made a personal connection.

Readers connect with real people who care about them. That means taking time to talk with them, not just to them. Reply to comments, messages and emails as much as you can – and if you can’t answer them all, at least read them – and let your audience know that you do.

If people ask you questions, answer them – either one on one with a reply, or by answering their question in future content on your blog.

Even better – do something with your audience. Work with them as a group and spend time with them while you help them. Host a group challenge through your blog and learn & grow with your readers.

A Healthy Living Blogger could run a 2 week healthy eating challenge and connect with their readers through shared recipes and healthy cooking tips. What do you blog about? What kind of challenge could you run with your audience that would entice them to share it with their friends and family?

5. They’re worried you’ll think they’re obsessed with you.

Maybe you have made a great connection – but your audience is shy about letting you know it. Have you ever wanted to ask one of your blogging gurus a question or share their work but were worried you’ll seem too keen, or not ‘cool enough’?

It happens. Let your readers know you really value their input, their opinions and their help and that when they share your work, you really appreciate it – and them! 

6. You’ve made it too difficult.

Be careful not to ask too much of your reader at one time. Signing up for  your newsletter, liking & sharing your social media updates, commenting below blog posts, homework after reading, and sharing your content are all great ideas but give  too many options at the same time and people will just find it overwhelming and click away without doing anything.

Keep it simple, space things out and you’ll get results.

Remember, the amount of traffic you get isn’t a personal reflection on you or your blogging skills. Making simple but effective changes to how you interact with your audience will bring you results. Try them today!