Case study: How writing topical blogs can bring you fame

A topical blog is a blog that is about something that is newsworthy, now.

It is about capitalising on a subject at the time that it is HOT!

Doing this can bring you fame by bringing you a big bunch of eager new visitors.

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7 incredibly effective ways to repurpose old blog posts

Recycle image to reuse old blog posts

Recycle image to reuse old blog posts

If you’ve been blogging for a while you probably have quite a stockpile of interesting and useful posts. Well that’s the aim anyway! But how often do you read your old blog posts?

If you forget about them once they’re published you’re missing out on a gold mine of content marketing opportunity!

Here are seven creative ways you can keep those old blog posts working hard for your business.

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5 Things you’ll no longer do after about 6 months of blogging

My approach to blogging is that it’s really difficult to know everything there is to know, so it’s better to take the view of “I’m always learning”.

The keys to success are knowing your goals, implementing marketing activities, measuring the results, testing different things and making changes where needed. And always be learning along the way.

Here are some things that a lot of bloggers do when their blog is new, but they stop doing after about six months or so.

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