Why You Should Be Using NoFollow on Your Blog

No follow

No Follow Links – what are they and how should you use them? For bloggers, the world of Google algorithms is important even if you have no idea how it works! Unfortunately Google has no idea if you are innocently doing the wrong things, so there are no kid gloves. Like most bloggers I have been … Read more

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Neglected Blog

Neglected blog

Have you been neglecting your blog? We are busy people in a busy world and sometimes your blog takes a back seat. Maybe you had too many other priorities, or maybe you just couldn’t face writing one more thing! Blogs are beautiful because they keep the momentum you have built for a period of time, … Read more

How to Build your Business Blogging Momentum (One Article at a Time)

blogging momentum

blogging momentum

You’ve heard of all the benefits of blogging for business so you update your website and get an awesome looking new blog.

Then you go back to business as usual.

You’re happy that you have a blog but then reality sets in and there’s no way you have time to create new content regularly.

So the blog sits quietly, ready and waiting to help grow your business, but having nothing to say in the mean time.

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Why Content Sure Ain’t King

It feels like I’m reading the same post every day. “Content is king,” they shout. “Writing engaging content is the answer,” they drone. “Great SEO = Great content,” they bleat. And you know what? It’s rubbish! Let’s see if I can make it clearer. You can write the most bum-clenchingly awesome piece of content in … Read more

Pure Gold! WordPress Blog Tips from WordCamp Melbourne 2013

WordCamp Melbourne 2013

WordCamp Melbourne 2013

The agenda for WordCamp Melbourne 2013 was jam-packed full of WordPress goodness.

Here are the gold nugget tips that I took away from the sessions that I attended, mainly in the User and Blogger Stream.

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6 Surprising Reasons Why Your Audience Won’t Share Your Content

Why they don't share your content

You’ve been blogging for a while but you’re just not seeing the results you thought you’d have by now. Where are your thousands of readers? Where’s your loyal tribe? Why are your stats at a standstill?  You’re producing great content that will really help people.. if people would come to your blog and read it. … Read more