Case study: How writing topical blogs can bring you fame

A topical blog is a blog that is about something that is newsworthy, now.

It is about capitalising on a subject at the time that it is HOT!

Doing this can bring you fame by bringing you a big bunch of eager new visitors.

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Creating BUZZ (for every blog, launch & event in your website calendar)

People like buzz, they like to be part of something exciting and new. Think of your website as a source of endless excitement; the next blog, the next launch, the next product or service. Have you ever noticed that the smartest marketers have more exciting ideas, offers and opportunities than everyone else? Review your plans … Read more

7 Ideas for Awesome Blog Content

So you have committed to writing a blog. Whether it is daily or weekly the question is always the same… what do I write about? What can I write that is different, useful, valuable or entertaining? What will make me stand out?

If this is you, you are in luck because here are 7 ideas for awesome blog content that your readers will love.


Interviews rock for so many reasons!

1. You can mix up the media:

7 Essentials for Creating an Income from Your Website

man with money

Let’s face it, there are two main reasons people set up a website

a) Be heard

b) Make money


I think I can safely say that the majority of those in column a. would not turn down the opportunity to also be in column b!

The problem is that if you do not have one of the websites that is a runaway success (and we all salivate at the possibility) there can be a certain level of trial and error and a steep learning curve to understand and ensure that your website has all the essential elements to create an income in line with your goals.

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