Score Goals in the Website World Cup by Creating Targeted Landing Pages

landing page man

This article was written just after I came back from the UK in June 2009 where FIFA World Cup 2010 fever was everywhere. Due to jet lag I was awake at around 5 AM Melbourne time to watch a few matches, which started me thinking about how an effective website landing page needs to be like a champion forward, whose job it is to keep hold of the ball and score a lot of goals.   

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Website Wishes That You Can Learn From

As with any new venture, there are plenty of things to learn when starting your first business website. We held a Facebook group competition recently where business owners shared the things they wished they had known before starting their website and we thought it may be of interest to you! If you are planning

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6 Smart Ways To Collect Information From Your Website Visitors

Do you have smart incentives to collect information?

Regardless of your objectives one of the key goals of your website should always be to collect information (contact details) from people who visit your website.

Although this can be overlooked in the quest for sales and sales leads, collecting information is important because if you have a person’s contact details and they subscribe to your emails, you can sell to them again and again (and again!).

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Know your Website Analytics; Have Active Website Visitors Who Keep Coming Back.


As an Australian who has lived overseas and has relatives and friends in a lot places, I get a lot of visitors.  Sound familiar?

People stop by and hang out. Sometimes they stay for a while.  Particularly the visitors that travel from Europe or the UK, who feel they should stay for a long time to make it worth the 20+ hour flight.  The good visitors don’t just sit around doing nothing, they are active and help you when needed.

A high performing website has similar characteristics; a lot of visitors who are active, who stay for a long time and visit regularly.

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