The whys and hows of premium WordPress themes


I have just completed a total overhaul of my personal website, changing it from a freelancer-for-hire focus to a minimalist portfolio. Even though I’m a website designer, I chose a premium theme I’d never worked with before, and used it pretty much straight out-of-the-box, doing very few customisations to it.


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Think a free WordPress theme is too good to be true? It probably is.

Every new owner of a website is giddy with excitement. The thrill of a new business, a new blog, a redesign or refresh is palpable. And it all seems so easy and cheap – just get your discount hosting, install WordPress with a couple of clicks, grab a free theme and BLAMMO! Instant website! … Read more

Which WordPress website is right for your business?

WordPress offers different website solutions depending on where your business is at, and this is something that has taken us much research, trial and error to figure out.  WordPress can be used as the backend for any business website whether it is a blog or a standard website.

Like everything related to website development, everyone involved has their niche, experience and opinion. For your standard business owner, sometimes getting a website can be an expensive and frustrating experience with disappointing results.

I have had websites built on a plethora of Content Management Systems (CMSs) that use both custom built and DIY templates including Flash, Joomla, Wix, Doteasy Templates and Custom CMSs.  As a business owner nothing has come even close to

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