Five Quick Things To Get Right Before Publishing Your Web Copy

When it comes to writing your website copy, the main focus is on creating great content with compelling offers aimed at getting your audience to read what you’ve written and take up your offer.

But there’s one thing that can kill your web copy and undermine your credibility in an instant if left unchecked, and that’s punctuation.

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Practical SEO Copywriting Insider Tips from Guru Glenn Murray


To make the maximum impact from the content you write for your website or blog, it is important that you are:

  • aware of the basics of SEO copywriting while,
  • keeping in mind that first and foremost you’re writing for people.

SEO copywriting is the practice of writing copy that helps you attract web visitors via search engines. Here are some practical tips that SEO copywriting guru Glenn Murray of Divine Write shared in his webinar with us.

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What All Professional Service Providers Need to Learn from Good Web Copywriting


Recently I’ve been receiving information from insurance providers and lawyers (don’t worry – I’m not in any trouble! ).

The documents have been extensively long and written using “professional terminology” that, not being familiar with that profession, I found incredibly difficult to understand.

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3 Reasons Never to Use “Click Here” on Your Website Ever Again

The words “click here” on a website are a bit like hypercolour t-shirts. You still see them around from time to time, but they belong in the 90s. Here are 3 Top Reasons to Avoid Using the Words “Click Here” on your Website. Hopefully you don’t need a reason to stop wearing hypercolour! 1. “Click … Read more