Grassroots Revisited: Star Articles from the Past 12 Months

star articles

A review of our most popular articles from the past 12 months that you won’t want to miss, covering topics related to web copywriting, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, SEO, blogging and more.

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The Blog Writing Challenge is Done! Did I Build Super Blogger Muscles?

Super Blogger Muscle

This is the last week of the challenge to write 1000 words a day! This is what happened week 1 This is what happened week 2 The theory is that it takes 21 days to develop a habit and so an esteemed peer and I decided to build the habit of a super blogger… So… … Read more

The 21 Day Writing Challenge – Becoming a Super Blogger

Super Blogger - POW

So last week I mentioned that I am taking on a super blogger writing challenge. The challenge is to write 1000 words a day every day for 21 days, because it takes 21 days to build a habit and writing 1000 words a day would be a huge leap for me in productivity. Writing Challenge … Read more

How to Develop the Super Blogger Muscle. The 21 Day Writing Challenge.

Develop Your Super Blogger Muscle

Who has time to blog? As if we need one more priority in our busy lives! There will always be a reason why you are too busy to blog, it doesn’t matter if it is kids, studying, long hours at work, inconsistent routine or just being tired, there will always be a reason! I have … Read more

An All-You-Can-Read Smorgasborg of Web Content and Usability Tips

  Having both Belinda Weaver from Copywrite Matters and Miss Sassy of as Web Peeps this year means that we’ve been able to share sensational articles on topics related to web content and usability. In the spirit of Christmas (scary thought but it is coming soon!), here is an All-You-Can-Read Smorgasborg of articles from 2012 … Read more

Boost your search engine ranking with a word cloud

Wordle word cloud

Wordle word cloud

My name is Belinda. I am an SEO copywriter and a Wordle addict.

What’s a Wordle?

Wordle is a free online tool that generates word clouds from any text, blog or RSS feed. In the word cloud created, the most frequently used words are bigger and more prominent.

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