The $100K Challenge Day 10 Update: What was I thinking?

A progress update on the blogging challenge to get a 560% year on year web traffic increase to 100,000 visitors in a month.

Also read last week’s 100,000 Challenge, progress update.

OK so let’s be honest, at this point in time I’m thinking “What was I thinking?”

The challenge is going to be way harder than I thought to achieve. I’m pulling out all the stops and doing everything that I can think of. There has been a significant increase in web traffic to my blog but not nearly close to 560%.


Here’s the snapshot:

  • In the first 10 days of January last year I had 2,574 visitors
  • In the first 10 days of the blogging challenge I’ve had 8,346 visitors.
  • Thats a 324% increase. Good. But not enough. To be on track to meet the challenge on a day by day basis I need to have had 14,414 visits by now. I’m going to have to come up with some magic in the next week or so in order to have a chance of meeting the goal. Stay tuned on that one.

What’s Working

Reviewing the performance of each article.

Because I’m writing daily “Aussie Summer of Tennis” updates I’ve watched closely to see what works and what doesn’t work in terms of Email Opens, Pageviews and Retweets. I’ve been able to continually tweek the format of the email to improve it.

Discussing ideas with others to come up with topics

Chatting to my partner (who fortunately also likes tennis) and other tennis fan friends about tennis helps me come up with new ideas for blog topics. I definitely recommend kicking around ideas with other people, either those in your space, or your readers.

Reviewing Real Time stats to see which pages are getting traffic

By watching my Real Time stats (quite obsessively but not as much as last week!) I noticed that a certain page was getting traffic from a keyword that was only mentioned once in the body text of the article. Using this information I created a whole new article that was optimised for the particular keyword. The keyword was “Brisbane International tennis prize money”. I’ve now had over 400 views of that new page that I created last Saturday, mainly from organic traffic.

Adding new content regularly

This helps to get Google to index your new content quickly. The new article on “Brisbane International tennis prize money”, mentioned above, was indexed and getting organic traffic from Google within about 15 minutes of publishing it.

Articles from last year

Past articles from last Aussie tennis season are still getting good organic traffic this year for the same target keywords.

Opinion Pieces

The facts take work to get right but if you know your stuff, an opinion piece written off the top of your head can be easier and more enjoyable to write, and will probably get a better response.

Writing all the time

Because I’m writing so much, it’s becoming much faster and easier to write articles and then publish them without fussing quite as much as I used to about every detail being perfect. Although I still fuss quite a bit.

Google Analytics Tips

  • Filter out your own traffic so that you don’t skew your numbers, particularly where “Time on Site” is concerned if you regularly spend a long time on your own website.
  • Not every visitor is tracked via Google Analytics so be proud that the real number of visits is actually higher than the numbers you’re seeing.

That’s all for now. I’m back to writing a few more articles for tennis blog. Wish me luck!