The Importance of Being Honest, Open and Genuine (Lessons from the ProBloggers)

I was lucky enough to attend the Problogger Training Day in Melbourne in August 2010 where I learned loads about blogging.

But in this article, I want to share what I learned based on the calibre of the presenters and their willingness to share what they know to make the blogging world a better place.

The Problogger Training Day in Melbourne was organised by Darren Rowse of Problogger who presented along with Chris Garrett of, Yaro Stark of Entrepreneurs Journey, Collis from Envato and Pip from Meet Me at Mikes

Together, by my count, these peeps combined have over a million people who subscribe to their blogs, follow them on twitter or participate in their online forums, so there is some serious validation of their credibility.  They have taken their craft of blogging and created communities that value and eagerly anticipate the valuable content they regularly provide.

One of the key principles for writing articles that people want to read is to be open, honest and genuine. Always.  And these presenters proved that they are all that and more.

The purpose of the event was to give people who blog skill enhancing knowledge. The presenters walked through key principles related to Killer Content, Building a Community, Monetising your Blog, blogging case studies and live reviews of some of the attendees blogs.  The day also included two Q&A sessions. At only $99 for a full day it was incredible value.

The thing that struck me was that everyone on the panel was willing to fully answer all the questions that the attendees asked. They were all open, honest and genuine in giving their point of view, just as they are with their blog articles.

It was a great example of the importance of “walking the talk” and everyone that shares content online should strive to do the same. Set yourself up for success by being open, honest and genuine, in both your online writing and every time you have the opportunity to share what you know.

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