Online Marketing Strategy: The Law of Attraction

The next instalment of Troy Dean’s video series on “How to Implement an Online Marketing Strategy from Scratch”. It’s pure gold and well worth taking 5 minutes to listen to.

G’day, Troy Dean here on the Grassroots Internet Strategy blog. I’m here in Perth at the moment, at the Pan Pacific Hotel, at a conference called Edge of the Web. It’s a web design conference and there are lots of great conversations, about 150 delegates here talking about web design, the future of web design, and online marketing in general.

I gave a presentation on “How to Measure Return On Investment Using Social Media,” which sparked a lot of interesting conversation. I hope to bring a lot of the content that I’m learning here back for you guys and share it with you.

This is the second video in the series, “How to Implement an Online Marketing Strategy from Scratch.” In the last video, we spoke about the importance of setting a very clear game plan, so knowing who your perfect customer is, defining who that perfect customer is and exactly who it you’re trying to communicate with, and putting some smart goals in place so that you know exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.

As these videos roll out, you’ll understand that the clearer you get about what it is you’re trying to achieve and who it you’re talking to, the less distraction that you will have and the easier it will be to implement an online marketing strategy, because you will know exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Every decision becomes easier to make based on the goal that you’re trying to achieve and the people that you’re talking to. Just bear that in mind and I really hope you’ve done that work, because it will serve you well.

How To Become More Attractive

In this video, we’re going to talk about how to start attracting your perfect customer to you, rather than chasing them all over town. I’ll use the dating analogy here, because it’s much nicer to be in demand and have people chasing you, than running around chasing other people. It comes across as being desperate. It much nicer to be the one being chased. It’s a very empowering experience.

It’s the same online. If clients are approaching you or customers are looking for you, searching you out, and asking for your help and your products, it’s a much nicer position to be in. You don’t need to negotiate so much on price, because you’re in demand.

How do you create content that attracts prospects and leads to you? Well, there are two fundamental things really that you need to do right up front with creating content to attract people to you. You need to get their attention and keep their interest long enough that they don’t click the back button or click away from your content, because they’re being distracted by videos of cats on YouTube or pictures of newborn babies on Facebook, for example.

How do you get their attention and keep their interest? Well, the best way that I know how and the best practice here is to talk to your potential new customer about something that interests them. Usually people are online looking for solutions to problems. It may not be what you want to talk
about, but it will be what they want to hear.

This is a fundamental shift in thinking that you need to make. If you’re talking about your products and the features of your products and what they do and you’re not getting traction and you’re not getting the results that you want, then try talking to your perfect customer about how you can help
them solve their problem. That may be giving them links off to other articles, other websites, and other videos that help them solve their problem.

What We Can Learn From Accountants

I’ll give you a couple of examples here. I was talking to Marc Lehmann from It’s an online accounting software system, designed and built here in Australia, very successful. He was talking about lead scoring traffic to their website and only sending very highly targeted communications to people that visit their website and not annoying everyone by sending everyone the same thing.

For example, if someone hits their website and bounces within 20 seconds, they don’t send them any emails. They don’t follow them up, because that lead isn’t warm yet.

Similarly, over on the website, if you check that out, which is my software company, the content that we produce there is articles and videos with other thought leaders in the space. It’s all about helping web developers build a better business.

Initially, we’re not trying to sell them anything. We just put out great content to attract them to us, and it’s all about how we can help solve their problem.

Similarly, here on the Grassroots Internet Strategy blog, we produce content and we put out content to help you guys solve your problem. We’re not selling you anything up front. We just put out great content to help you solve your problem and that attracts you to us.

Your Homework

You need to think about what your perfect customer’s biggest problem is and how you can help them with that problem. As I said, it may be just sending them links to videos or TED talks, or it might be links to other articles and other interesting websites that help them solve their problem or other resources that they can download that help them solve their problem. That will attract them to you, and then you can start to have a conversation with them and build that relationship.

In the next video, we’re going to talk about how you can capture leads off your website, and if you’re already doing that, then we’ll talk about how you can ramp that up and get better results and capture more leads.

I hope you found this helpful. Leave me some comments under the video and tell me what you found most valuable and what you’re doing in order to attract your perfect customer to your website and your online business. I’ll look forward to seeing you on the next video very soon.

This is Troy Dean, and you’re watching the Grassroots Internet Strategy blog.