The Secret To Why A Good Copywriter Does More Than Write Good Copy

Superhero Copywriter

To write effective marketing campaigns, campaigns that really connect with people and drive them to action, a copywriter needs to understand your business, your marketing goals and your target market. They need to understand the values your business holds dear and what makes you unique.

All of this information forms the foundations of your business branding but not everyone has the answers at the tip of their tongue. You might have a grasp on the generalities of your branding but the devil is in the details, and really effective copywriting needs those details.

This is where good copywriters really come into their own, helping you realise the branding foundations you need to make your marketing really effective.

A Good Copywriter Understands Your Business

The copywriting for your marketing campaign will often be focussed on a particular aspect of your business, like the products or services you are promoting. But to sell the nuts and bolts of your widget it’s important to be familiar with the big picture of what your business offers. Like who is the ideal client you are aiming your message at, what stops them from making a decision and how do you uniquely solve their problems.

A good copywriter will look beyond your specific products and services to what your business offers as a whole. 

A Good Copywriter Helps You Articulate the Answers

As a business owner you are passionate about your business and close to every aspect and decision. This closeness can be really useful but it can also hinder your ability to gain perspective and articulate the big picture to someone outside of the business.

A good copywriter doesn’t just take your word for it. They will reframe the questions so that you can provide the information they need to understand your vision.

A Good Copywriter Finds The Voice of Your Business

Once you’ve articulated the foundations of your branding, a copywriter will start on the task of finding the voice of your brand. The voice of your brand is the tone and style of writing that will resonate with your target audience, speaking their language and bringing them on a journey of your making.

A good copywriter will bring your brand to life, creating a personality that will your audience will connect with.

The Result

The result of the entire process is copywriting that is well centered on the key principals of your business, and well aimed at the kind of clients you want to attract.

A good copywriter will take your knowledge and help you understand what makes your business tick and how you can communicate with the kind of clients you love to do business with.


Have you ever thought of a copywriter as your branding buddy?