Tips for Facebook and Linked In

Note: So much has happened in social media land that the Facebook related content in this post is no longer very useful.


Here are some basic tips for a couple of the SMM applications that I use for business benefit – Linked in and Facebook. These are not rocket science but I have found they can make life easier and your marketing efforts more successful…

Facebook – Understand the distinctions between features in Facebook. Use your “Personal Profile” for personal interactions and collection of friends. Use “Pages” for your company or project identity and use “Groups” for topics of interest that will appeal to your clients or potential clients.

The Groups feature is incredibly powerful if you use it well and if you pick a good topic. The best thing about groups is that you can message all members in the group at once as they have ‘subscribed’ to the group. It is much easier to get subscriptions to a group in Facebook than to your website so keep this in mind and give them value. This is a nice example.

TIP: Choose your group carefully; choose a topic that will qualify your members as interested in your product and give them value. Check out other related groups and see what is popular and if you can identify what it is about the group that makes it popular.

Linked In – Linked In is a networking site for business professionals. You can send and receive references and testimonials and showcase your experience and skills. Without the user friendly interaction and participation features of other apps like Facebook and Twitter I use Linked In very occasionally, but still get value in contacts and referrals, so it is worth keeping an eye on.

TIP: Connect with all contacts you make when networking using Linked In. This way when your contact leaves their organisation, changes their contact details, or you lose their card, you maintain your ability to contact them.

Happy hunting!

Serena “Social” Star

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