How to upgrade your website to WordPress 3.6


On August 1st, the latest major release of WordPress was launched. WordPress 3.6 has several cool new features:

  • Built-in audio and video support, which means you don’t need to upload to YouTube or Vimeo first to embed video or audio in your website;
  • Revised autosave and revisions;
  • New menu interface, to make managing menus less confusing;
  • New Twenty Thirteen default theme, which is a colourful blogging-focussed theme; and
  • The usual bug fixes and security updates.

It’s super important to update WordPress when new releases come out

Not only do you get cool new features, but you’re making sure that your website is staying strong against the latest security threats.

To upgrade to the new version yourself, follow these steps

  1. Backup! Use a plugin like Backup Buddy or ManageWP, or run a backup from your cPanel. For more info about backing up, see the Codex.
  2. Run the automatic upgrade from within the WordPress admin dashboard. At the top left-hand corner of your dashboard, next to the name of your website, you will see a little button with circular arrows and a number. Click on that to go to the upgrade screen. Then, run the WordPress core upgrade from this screen. NOTE: If you have customised a default theme without using a child theme, or customised any of the other default files, these will be written over! If this applies to you, you will need to do a manual upgrade. Once the upgrade is successful, you will be taken to a “Welcome to WordPress 3.6” page.
  3. Check if you have plugins that have not been updated to their latest version. They will be in the same upgrade screen. Before upgrading all of them, click on the “view details” link to find out if that particular plugin has been updated to work with 3.6. If it hasn’t, consider holding off on upgrading it.

For more information, see the WordPress Codex article about upgrading.

Want someone to look after the backup and upgrade for you?

If all this tech talk is totally baffling, and you want someone to do it for you, I am offering a backup and upgrade package for $50 per site. For this price, I’ll back up your whole website, then run the automatic upgrader. I will also resolve any issues that may occur with the upgrade, leaving your site ready for you to dive right back into it.

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