7 incredibly effective ways to repurpose old blog posts

Recycle image to reuse old blog posts

If you’ve been blogging for a while you probably have quite a stockpile of interesting and useful posts. Well that’s the aim anyway! But how often do you read your old blog posts?

If you forget about them once they’re published you’re missing out on a gold mine of content marketing opportunity!

Here are seven creative ways you can keep those old blog posts working hard for your business.

Share your old blog posts with new readers.

You’re hopefully always attracting new fans and followers and they probably won’t have read your older blog posts. As long as they are ‘evergreen’ posts, meaning they don’t become irrelevant with age, share your old blog posts in amongst your most recent posts.

Write follow up posts or expand on your original idea.

Reading your old blog posts can inspire ideas for new blogs posts, especially if you can elaborate on your original idea or write a follow up post. The point is, next time you’re stuck for ideas look to your own blog!

Convert your old blog posts into different formats.

The great thing about content marketing is that you can turn one idea into lots of different formats. Converting your old blog posts into podcasts, Slideshare presentations, Youtube videos, or even articles for other websites will help you connect with people who prefer different formats.

Look for new linking or keyword opportunities.

Some of your newer blog posts might give you the perfect opportunity for creating some cross-linking on your blog, which is great for SEO. You can keep an eye out for opportunities to use those keywords.

Write a popular posts summary.

This is a great idea if you’re ever stuck for ideas. Depending on how often you blog, it could be a summary of the most popular posts from the month, or the quarter. You can choose the popularity based on the social media shares, the comments, or maybe just your favourites that you’d like to give another spin.

Create an ebook!

When you’ve put all the hard work into creating interesting, knowledge, articulate posts you’ve done most of the hard work for an ebook. Pick posts with a similar theme and collate them into a free downloadable ebook that is an incentive to subscribe to your blog!

Create an email marketing series.

Just like creating an ebook, you can turn your instructional blog posts into an email marketing autoresponder series. Subscribers get a regular does of learning at regular intervals, stay engaged with your brand and you haven’t had to do a thing!

Do you recycle your old posts? Share your genius here!