An All-You-Can-Read Smorgasborg of Web Content and Usability Tips


Having both Belinda Weaver from Copywrite Matters and Miss Sassy of as Web Peeps this year means that we’ve been able to share sensational articles on topics related to web content and usability.

In the spirit of Christmas (scary thought but it is coming soon!), here is an All-You-Can-Read Smorgasborg of articles from 2012 on web copywriting and usability.

You’re welcome to re-visit the buffet and enjoy them as many times as you like.



How to Write a Killer About Me Page (that Grows your Business, not your Ego)

This was one of our most popular articles of the year. If you’re planning to review and update your About Me page over the Christmas / New Year break, take a fresh look at the advice in this article.

How to Write With More Authority and Credibility

These tips are gold;

3 Ways to Write Useful Subheadings That Will Draw Your Readers In Like It’s the NY Times

Well-written subheadings in well-organised text help readers to get a quick overview of the page and make the information less dense and more readable.  Find out 3 ways to enhance the readability of your subheadings.

And on the topic of headings, also read Why You Should Use Passive Voice in Web Headings

5 straightforward ways to break up long copy (and keep your readers hungry for more)

Long, unbroken copy can be a real turn-off because most people don’t read nowadays; they skim. So when you’re writing your blog posts, or web pages, you need to break up your copywriting so the skimmers are persuaded to dig a little deeper. Discover 5 ways to break up long copy.

3 Simple Tips to Make Your Blog Posts Stand Out

Attention is scarce on the internet which means your writing has to be done in such a way as to CAPTURE and HOLD people’s attention. This gem of an article will show you 3 simple tips to make your blog posts stand out.

Why your website call to action sucks

This one’s a keeper. If your web visitors don’t respond to your Call to Action then you’re not getting any results.

You’ll want to re-visit this checklist for effective call to actions every time you create a Call To Action.

Getting the Basics Right

Read this article by Tony Keen to make sure you use numbers correctly and avoid common grammatical errors.

Share your content far and wide

Once you’ve gone to the effort of creating your content, follow the Blog Marketing Checklist for ways that you can share it with your target audience.

Repurpose existing content

Then, once you’ve created a lot of content, follow these  7 incredibly effective ways to repurpose old blog content including:

  • sharing articles with new readers
  • converting posts to different formats
  • creating an email marketing series
  • and writing a popular posts summary (like I’m doing here!)

Once you’re full to brim with new ideas for improving your web content and website usability, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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