The 100K Challenge: Increasing your web traffic begins with creating quality content

In January I’ve set a BHAG blogging challenge to achieve 100,000 web visitors in a month. This is the first article covering the strategy I’m using to achieve that goal. Read on to find out why quality content needs to be at the heart of every web traffic strategy.

Broadly speaking, your website’s ability to appear high up in search engine results relates to:

  • how your website is set up
  • the number and quality of inbound links from other websites to your website
  • the keywords you include in your content.

But, all that aside, if you don’t have quality content that draws people in and keeps them reading, watching, buying or doing whatever it is you want them to on your website, then the impact of your other efforts is limited.

The concept of “Content Marketing” is probably not a new one for you. The “Content is King” saying has been around for a long time now. That’s because it’s the best strategy to follow in order to grow your web traffic and get connected to the right kind of people.

What makes content valuable to your readers?

The type of content that you share will depend upon your target audience. Here are my ideas for what makes content valuable.

I’d love your input in the comments below on what other things make content valuable to you.

  • New information that they haven’t see anywhere else
  • Information shared in a way that they find easy to understand and quick to digest, for example a list or a topic explained without jargon
  • Information that answers their questions and/or solves their problems
  • Information they find easy to implement
  • Information they find entertaining or funny
  • Information that your readers’ have had input to.

As an example for this case study, my blog is about Grand Slam tennis, so I share a lot of different types of content including:

  • Facts about upcoming tournaments eg dates, players, prize money and other interesting details
  • Articles on tennis related topics including helpful information for people attending tournaments and updates on recent tournaments
  • Photos from around the grounds at tournaments that I’ve been lucky enough to attend
  • Photos of players that I’ve seen play live
  • Videos created by others that I think my readers will enjoy
  • Opinion pieces
  • Links to interesting articles written by others. For example in January I’m writing an “Aussie Summer of Tennis Daily Update” each day that includes links to tennis news, tournament schedules, blog articles, highlights and other snippets of info for tennis fans. The aim of the update is to make it easy for fans in other time zones to keep up with the key things happening in world of tennis being played in Australia.
  • I also repurpose past content that is still relevant, updating it where needed.

Ideas for your blog content

  • Articles that answer people’s questions and solve their problems
  • Articles that share new information that readers will be glad you let them know about
  • Articles that share tips to make your readers’ lives easier
  • Case Studies
  • Interviews (they can be written interviews, podcasts or videos)
  • Photos of things relevant to your topic
  • Videos created by others, take a stooge around YouTube and see what’s available
  • Reviews
  • Opinion pieces.

You can also invite other people to share their knowledge by writing guest articles for your blog. Read more in 7 Ideas for Awesome Blog Content.

Once you’ve worked out the topics for content you can create and share, work out what’s reasonable in terms of how many new articles you can publish each week or month. Then aim to stick to the plan.

Where web traffic is concerned the more content you can publish the better

Each new article you create:

  • Gives your readers a reason to visit and re-visit your website
  • Makes your website one page bigger, which adds to it’s authority
  • Allows you to add keywords to help get organic traffic from search engines
  • Encourages other website owners to link to your content (building links is a key part of getting web traffic from search engines)
  • Can be shared on social media like Facebook and Twitter to help you build relationships with your target audience.

Use a mix of different marketing strategies

I recommend aiming for a mix of different marketing strategies to drive traffic to your new content (organic search traffic, social media, sharing your content with an email database etc) but if you can crack a high ranking on a keyword with a reasonable search volume, this will make a big difference to your visit numbers. I’ll cover the principles for how to do that in my next article.

A final thought

One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard about online marketing was from a presentation by James Tuckerman of Anthill Online

Share to own

Share what you know in order to own the space.

And what better way to do that than via a blog.

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