Are you reaching your website goals? It’s time for a website review!

When was the last time you objectively reviewed your website goals and the actions that you take to achieve them?

A website is one of those things that is always evolving, it is never done and so it is important every once in a while to take a step back and review what is working, what is not working and what the next steps should be so that you are sure to reach your goals.

Here are some questions and activities that will help you review your current status and help to direct your next actions.

Website goals

Do you have clear goals for your website?

If not create some!

If so, are they still the right goals for you? (Either recommit or create new goals).

Your website goals may have changed along the way, or perhaps you lost sight of them with all that blogging and marketing! Make sure your goals are clear as they will direct your actions, and help you recognise what you have achieved. Be sure to celebrate all achievements, even the small ones.


Are you growing fast enough to reach your goals?

If not, get creative and consider what actions you could take to speed up the growth of your website. We often get caught up in the daily doing and stop thinking outside the box for those things that will really create momentum on the website – like new campaigns, partnerships, products and networks.

Brainstorm some ideas for jumps in growth and activity on your website.


Do you have clear income goals?
If so, do you have a strategy for reaching those goals?

You have two choices for income generation, either start a website with a specific strategy for income generation or build a community and then monetise it based on what your community wants and needs. Both have pros and cons.

Review your strategy if you have one. Consider if it is working for you and how you can tweak it for better performance.

If you don’t have an income strategy, it’s time to create one! This is an evolving process and you should be always looking for new opportunities for your website. Depending on your time and interests you may look at more passive forms of income generation like affiliate marketing or advertising, or more active options like the production and sale of services or products.


How engaged is your community?
Are they active participants or just passing by?

The level of engagement amongst your community will determine how big an audience you need to reach your goals. The more passionate they are about your website the better.

Think about what it is that makes people want to read your content or visit your website.

  • Do they return often?
  • Do they stay for long?
  • Are they participating, commenting or generating their own content?

The more value you create on your website the better, so evaluate how involved your community is and then consider ways you can improve that or build more momentum.

Personal Fulfilment

Are you getting what you came for?
Are you excited about your website?
Are you still doing everything you can to make it a success?

With blogging there is often an initial lull before you start to gain traction. This is where many people bow out. Suddenly there are a million other things to do and your baby website stops getting all the attention it needs to thrive. This is exactly the time when you need to recommit to your success and prioritise your content, marketing and networking.

If you notice that there is a lag in activity or that you are frustrated with your progress, take a deep breath and then get creative with three new things that will take your website to the next level. If you need help get it, running a website can sometimes be a lonely task so network like crazy, learn from others and ask for help every chance you get.

When it comes to website success it is important to have a good understanding of where you are right now and where you want to be. This way your actions will be dictated by your goals and not your to do list!

Doing mini reviews throughout the year will keep you on track and give you the best chance of success.

Happy reviewing!