Does your website look good in Google? Or does it look goofy?


Have you done a Google search for your business or website name to see how your website looks in the search results?  If not, give it a try now and see if it looks good, or goofy.

You can customise how your website looks in Google

The image below shows how this website looks if you search on our name in Google.  The first, purple line of text is taken from the Page Title of our Home Page.  The second, black sentences of text are the Meta Description.

View Website in GoogleMake your website front door look nice so that people want to enter

When people see your website in Google search results, imagine they are seeing the front door of your website.  If you make the front door look as appealing as possible, with an enticing piece of information that markets your business well, then people will want to knock (ie click 🙂 ) on the front door to come inside to see what you have to offer.

Add a custom Page Title and Meta Description

If your website didn’t look quite as good as you would like it to in Google, you can get a custom Page Title and Meta Description written.  Depending upon how your website is set up, you will be able to add the Page Title and Meta Description yourself via your Content Management System (CMS), or you may need your web developer to add it to the code.

For example, this website was built using and we use the “All in one SEO Pack” to add a Custom Page Title and Meta Description to each new web page of content that we create.

If you need help creating your Page Title and Meta Description, please send me an email and include a link to your website.


In the image below, I’ve created examples of some of the different “goofy” type ways that websites can look in Google search results.

The first example is from a website that uses the Joomla Content Management System. Because the website owner doesn’t have a custom Meta Description added, Joomla has added one that promotes their system instead of what the website is actually about.

The second example shows Google grabbing the first text that they can find on the website’s Home Page to use as the Meta Description and the third example shows no descriptive sentence at all.

Without Page Title and Meta Description

Keywords in your Page Title are important for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

From a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) point of view, the Page Title is an important place to include your keywords.  And a well written Meta Description will encourage people to click on your website from Google, rather than one of the other websites in the search results.

That can be the topic of another article but for now, if you’d like more information, read 6 Tips for Optimised Page Titles.

Does the front door to your website look appealing to your web visitors?


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