Gotta Have a Website Monitoring Tool

website monitoring

If you can’t measure it, did it really happen? Loads of website owners have a website but don’t have information about how it’s performing. If that’s the case, how will you ever know if its worth your time and effort?

Gotta have a website monitoring tool!

What is a website monitoring tool?

A website monitoring tool, like Google Analytics, which is free for anyone to use on their website, gives important data about your website’s performance.

Why do you need a website monitoring tool?

You’ve created your website to achieve a purpose. Probably something like generating enquiries for your products or services, selling your products or services or perhaps to build a community and provide valuable information to members.

If you’re happy with the results from your website in terms of sales $$$, number of enquiries or number of members, you can use the information from your monitoring tool as a benchmark that needs to be maintained and improved.

If you’re not happy with your website results, your website monitoring tool provides information on where you’re failing and helps you prioritise what changes you should make first!

How do you get a website monitoring tool installed?

Before committing to working with a web company on a new or upgraded website, make sure they will install a monitoring tool for you.

They might have their own, or it’s really easy to install Google Analytics and then give you access to your account.  Or you can even set up a Google Analytics account yourself and send them the link to add to the code of your website. Once you’re set up in 3 easy steps, Google helps you create an email with the instructions for installing the code.

What information is available in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics has a dashboard which is a screen that shows a summary of key statistics.  It automatically tracks data from the previous month and you can change the date range to review any time period you like.

The dashboard of Google Analytics shows loads of information. Some of the key things are:

  • your total number of visitors (which includes people who visit more than once),
  • your unique visitors (which only count each person once),
  • where your web visitors are coming from (organic search results, paid search like Google AdWords, referrals from links on other websites and other sources),
  • how long your visitors spend on your website
  • what pages they read
  • and your bounce rate. (Find out why a low bounce rate means your website is great)

In a future post I’ll explain in more detail what the information in Google Analytics means, and why it’s valuable.

For now, if you don’t have a monitoring tool installed, ask your web company if they can install Google Analytics and give you access.  Or email me if you need help!

If you have analytics set up but don’t know what all the information means, I also offer Google Analytics Coaching sessions.

Happy Website Monitoring.