9 Things that will make your website feel as good as an open fire in Winter

How good is an open fire in Winter when it’s cold outside?

It draws you in and makes you want to stay close by for as long as you can. And if you get the chance, it’s more than likely that you’ll want to visit that place with the open fire again.

Ideally your website should have a similar effect on people:

  • drawing them in
  • making them want to stick around
  • and encouraging them to visit again soon.

Check these 9 things to see if your website feels as good as an open fire in Winter

1. Is it clear and obvious what the website is about and who it is for?

2. Phone number and contact details are easy to find from every page

3. Your website has a quality, professional, clear and uncluttered design (personally, I also prefer not to see any slashes of yellow highlighted text…. yellow highlighted text makes me feel cold… cold like an unheated, outdoor swimming pool in Winter)

4. Navigation links are easy to find from every page, and clearly labelled based on the golden rule of web usability.

5. Text is big enough to be easy to read, and text styles, including colours and fonts, have been tastefully designed

6. Link text is obvious, and distinctive from all other text, so use of “click here” is not required

7. Only high quality images are used

8. Web content has personality, is written in a friendly, informal style and is up-to-date.

9. Videos are included to help you find out more about the people behind the website and the products / services that are available.

What else makes a website feel as good as an open fire in Winter, so good that you never want to leave? Please let us know in the comments below.