How to kick your website promotion into gear with a Twitter Party – an Interview with Karl Staib

In late September we held the first Australasian Twitter party! It was a fun live event called Secret Web Business hosted by the Grassroots Gals Melinda and Serena with special guests Linda Coles and Lara Solomon

In case you were wondering, a Twitter Party is a live 1 hour Twitter based event that can also include live audio. In our case we went with the audio so that participants could both listen to the event as well as converse with the organisers and other participants in Twitter.

We had a ball! As well as giving away lots of prizes it was a buzz to banter with the ladies all who specialise marketing small business online through varying means.

In the near future we will share with you some of the great tips given at the event as well as the audio recording. In the mean time we wanted to take this opportunity to interview the man behind it all, Karl Staib. Karl has an absolute passion for running these parties and provides a great service helping small business owners market themselves.

How did you come up with the concept for the Twitter parties?

I didn’t come up with the Twitter party concept. People have been throwing Twitter parties for about a year when I started. I jumped in because I thought the niche of helping business owners reach, teach, and have fun with Twitter parties was lacking.

I thought marketing could be a learning event that also created online buzz. I wanted to include a teleconference with it because I thought it would be a better way to build trust with an audience compared to just throwing a Twitter party. I was right.

There is a really cool dynamic when someone is listening to you talk about your expertise and tweeting about  it at the same time. It’s a great way for people to learn from an expert and meet new people who are also joining in on the party. It’s a win-win for everyone. That’s how all marketing should work.

Are there are certain types of business that you think Twitter parties are especially useful for, or can any business benefit from this kind of marketing?

Almost any business can benefit for this type of exposure, but it’s usually best suited for businesses that are trying to use social media to drive traffic and sales. The businesses that could get the most benefit form a Twitter party would be a business that has an online product that can be purchased from anywhere. It’s why I’ve been helping authors, software developers, and conferences.

People can purchase these products from any online store or even at the company’s website. They all need more buzz and a way to build trust with their people and a Twitter party does exactly that.

To be honest, we were quite impressed with all the extras you provided with the party. Can you outline what a business can expect from you when they book with you?

Every business gets the full package. I will help them design a party that fits in line with their “perfect” customer’s needs. They can expect complete access to me and how to optimize the party for it’s success. A lot of my clients want to talk about the party and how everything works before we throw it. I make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

The set-up of the party is key. Depending on my client’s goals I will help them create a party that drives sales, builds their brand and doesn’t push too hard to be perfect. I want my clients personalities to come out because in the end people buy because of emotion. If they enjoy themselves, learn new tips and decide they want more it’s because they like and trust you.

The last part I provide is a report of how the party went. I create reports because we need to measure the success of the party, especially if they want to throw another one. We need to know the ROI of our efforts.

Thanks Karl, and last but not least! What tips do you have for business owners to make the most out having a Twitter party?

A Twitter party is a marketing event, but I believe the number one priority of throwing a Twitter party should be to have fun. People want to connect with businesses that care about what they do and enjoy the interaction that they have with their customers. Marketing has been making a huge shift because of social media.

Business owners can’t afford to push their message and just hope people will listen (i.e. traditional advertising). They need to build trust when they engage with people. This is what social media does best. Learning how to engage with people and encourage them talk about you to their friends will help you grow your business and build a loyal following.

Karl Staib is addicted to throwing Twitter Parties so he can help companies create online buzz and build trust with old and new followers. If you want to learn how Twitter Parties can help your business grow then check us out. You can also follow Karl on Twitter so you can stay in the know on all the Twitter parties and their prizes.