Which Websites Do You Subscribe To?

Following on from our Web Peeps article on Which 3 Tools Could you not Live Without, this week we’ve got another round up of useful snippets of information from our Web Peeps.

Due to the Content Marketing revolution there are now so many fantastic websites and blogs available which freely provide quality information on any topic that you can image.

When I initially started my  business I subscribed to anything and everything I might help me be successful. Then after a few years I got tired of receiving so many emails every day so I un-subscribed from loads of blogs and now I only read the ones that I feel “can not be missed”.

We asked our Web Peeps: Which Websites do you Subscribe to?


Tessa – WordPress Specialist

  1. WPBeginner
  2. WordPress Tavern
  3. WP Candy

I also read a diverse array of other blogs about fashion, design, inspiration and style.

Belinda – Web Copy Specialist

  1. Copyblogger
  2. ProCopy Tips
  3. Firepole Marketing
  4. Marketing Profs
  5. Duct tape Maketing
  6. Social Media Examiner

Chris – Online Marketing Specialist

  1. Marketing Experiments
  2. Marketing Sherpa
  3. Smart Insights

Lara – Social Media Specialist

  1. Mashable
  2. Socialnomics
  3. Social Media Today
  4. Social Media Examiner
  5. Jay Baer
  6. Content Marketing Institute
  7. Problogger

And more….

Karen – Legal and Business Growth Specialist

  1. Problogger
  2. Flying Solo
  3. Seth Godin
  4. How to Retire in 12 Months
  5. And – of course – Grassroots Internet Strategy!

Morgan and Monique – Online Video Specialists

Although marketing blogs such as Firepole Marketing, and DIY camera blogs such as CheesyCam are favourites of ours, at this stage of the game Morgan and and I are directing more of our energy towards websites that we are passionate about and that inspire us, such as World Vision Australia and their Vloggers page (highly relevant to us), Generation One, Lucas Jatoba’s Blog, and GetUp! Australia.

Serena – Grassroots Chick

With my impending travel plans I recently unsubscribed to everything! But two people I follow closely are Pat Flynn and Seth Godin. The third listed is a special someone who may divorce me if I unsubscribe!

  1. Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn
  2. Seth Godin
  3. Sober Paddy

I do however use Facebook and Twitter to keep up with articles from Social Rabbit, ProbloggerE-Junkie and a whole host of other content rich websites on the topics of web marketing, food, travel, science and social change.

Mel – The Other Grassroots Chick

For business

  1. Problogger
  2. Hubspot – I get the weekly round up email
  3. Content Marketing Institute
  4. The Copy Detective by Copywrite Matters
  5. Smart Company
  6. Successful Blogging
  7. Think Traffic
For my hobby I also subscribe to loads of tennis related websites.
How do these websites compare with the ones that you subscribe to?

Let us know in the comments below.

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