How to choose the right type of WordPress blog for your business

When we set up this blog about a year ago we went through a long winded process of figuring out what kind of website we needed in order to meet our objectives.

Eventually we identified WordPress as the web software we wanted to use, then we got stumped when we learned that not all WordPress blogs are created equal.

This article shares what we discovered, to help you choose the right type of WordPress blog for your business.


There are two different versions of WordPress; and blogs are free and easy to set up but can not be custom designed blogs are free and easy to set up. The limitations are that you can not have a custom design or add plug ins. Plug ins are the “add-ons” that give additional features like making your blog posts easy to share, adding Google Analytics monitoring and making it search engine and mobile phone friendly.

Use a free blog if you:

  • Are happy to select from one of the design themes that are available
  • Want backups and upgrades to be looked after for you
  • Want a blog that is simple to set up and that lets you add content to share with people you know. blogs offer a huge array of options for customisation and adding additional features, but they need to be hosted and backed up blogs can have a fully customised theme and you can add a myriad of plug ins for additional functionality.  You will need to pay a website hosting company to host your blog.

Use a blog if you want:

  • A customised design that is uniquely yours and aligns with the branding of your business (you can also use one of the many themes that are available online)
  • To give your readers all the different options for sharing the content of your blog such as the “tweet” button
  • To add features to the content of each new article, such as Page Titles and Meta Description, that enhance your search engine optimisation
  • To be able to monitor your website’s performance, beyond just basic statistics.

When you have a blog you need to look after backups and upgrades yourself. Find out how to backup your blog

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